Annual Report

2021 Annual Report of the Executive Director - Michael F. Cerra

This report intends, on annual basis, to both look back at the year behind us and to look forward to what lies ahead. We did that in 2019 with no possible knowledge or appreciation for what 2020 would entail as COVID-19 had yet to reach our shores. And last year, we hoped the worst was behind us and that 2021 would allow a return to normalcy.

But it turns out that 2021 had its own unique challenges, as the promise and success of vaccines provided hope that a finish line was in sight, but the emergence of a new variant provide new challenges and a spike in cases. Fortunately, New Jersey is a highly vaccinated state and the spike here was significantly less than elsewhere. 

However, the Garden State was not spared, and the public health challenges we have had no choice but to face appear prepared to linger into 2022. Yet in so many other ways, 2021 was a success based on how local officials rallied to another set of challenges, how our elected representatives responded with an unprecedented infusion of recovery funding, and how our citizens continued to show resilience and faith even as our collective fatigue mounts. 

The theme of the League’s 2021 Conference asked us each to create a legacy. We’ve learned from 2020 and 2021–now let’s prepare for what may lay ahead and let’s move towards our continued objective to find our common goal of helping New Jersey’s municipalities through these challenging times. 

Through this all, the League has continued to advocate on your behalf in Trenton and Washington to secure much-needed fiscal security.

Mike Cerra

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Membership & Finance

The League is completing its 105th year of service to the municipalities of New Jersey. Our membership currently includes 564 municipalities in the State of New Jersey.

The League’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The budget under which the League is currently operating is set forth in these documents.