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  1. Municipal Court Report Released by NJ Supreme Court Committee

    The NJ Supreme Court issued the "Report of the Supreme Court Committee on Municipal Court Operations, Fines, and Fees," prepared by its Committee on Municipal Court Operations. Unfortunately, the report doesn't address the impacts of its recommendations. Read on...
  2. NJ Joins States in Suing Federal Government Over SALT Cap

    New Jersey joined New York, Connecticut, and Maryland in bringing a lawsuit against the federal government seeking to invalidate the new $10,000 cap on the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes (SALT). Read on...
  3. State Files Lawsuit Against Federal Government to Protect Criminal Justice Grant Money

    New Jersey has joined other states in bringing a lawsuit against the federal government seeking to undo a policy, which could cause state and local governments to be excluded from receiving federal Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant Program money. Read on...
  1. Assembly Joins Us in Support of Local Businesses

    On June 28, on a 77-0 vote, the State Assembly approved AR-11. The Resolution, sponsored by Assembly members Wayne DeAngelo, F. Christopher Tully, and Lisa Swain, urges New Jersey residents to shop locally and support local businesses. Read on...
  2. Certain Local Taxes Entended to Include "Transient Accommodations"

    P.L. 2018, c. 49, signed by Governor Murphy on July 1, authorizes municipalities to impose, where applicable, Occupancy, Luxury, Tourism Sales, and/or Sports and Entertainment Facility Taxes; as well as other fees/assessments on transient accommodations. Read on...
  3. SFY 2019 School Aid Numbers Released

    NJDOE has released the final school aid numbers, accessible from the Department’s website. School districts have been asked to notify their municipal finance officers and tax collectors and county tax administrators if the levy will be reduced. Read on...
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