Message From the League President

Ray Headshot 2023President Raymond S. Heck

Mayor, Millstone Borough

The fall is a time of preparation for everyone in local government. Getting ready for the League Conference, of course. But also getting ready to ensure the safety of students going back to school, to manage the beautiful mess of fall leaves, and to plan for the potential challenges of winter storms and all the other potential situations that arise through nature and human activities.

For the October issue of NJ Municipalities magazine, I wrote an article that addresses leadership in emergencies using the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This tool was developed to act as guide for governments at all levels to work together. NIMS 402 is specifically designed to address where we elected officials stand in emergencies. 

As mandated in New Jersey, this course explores the areas in emergency management that senior level officials need to be familiar with. It covers emergency operation plans, action planning, standard operating procedures/ guidelines, delegation, and more.

The League will host a session on the topic at this year’s Conference. Please take the time to gain knowledge and stay compliant on how emergencies are handled in New Jersey's municipalities.

Mayor Ray Heck, President, NJ State League of Municipalities