Interlocal Legislation

  1. DCA Issues Proposed Rules Regulating Third-Party Inspectors

    The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has published proposed rules amending the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) to expand the use of private on-site inspection agencies, in accordance with the law adopted last year. Read on...
  2. NLC Broadband Webinar Available

    Recently, the League’s federal partner, the National League of Cities (NLC), hosted the Overcoming Barriers to Expanding Broadband in American Communities webinar. The webinar recording and slides are now available to review. Read on...
  3. Public Service Privatization Standards Bill Out of Committee

    S-1350/A-5430, which establishes procedures and standards regarding public services privatization contracts, has been released from committees. Read on...
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Common Sense Shared Service Act

The Norcross Bill is known as the Common Sense Shared Service Act. P.L. 2013, c.166 (PDF).

Amendments made to the original Uniformed Shared Service Bill

(NJSA 40A:65-1 to 40A:65-34)

2007 Chapter Laws

A15 (PDF) which establishes the "Local Unit Alignment, Reorganization and Consolidation Commission" and measures for local government efficiency. A4 (PDF) which implements CORE proposals, user friendly budgets and a revision of title and duties for county superintendents of schools.

Consolidated Municipal Services Act (NJSA 40:48B)