NJ Local Government Week

Celebrate NJ Local Government Week April 7-13, 2024!

From simple to complex, there are many opportunities to engage residents, highlight your town’s beauty, and show the dedicated work of your municipal staff. Here are some ideas that the League has come up with. Let’s get creative! We are excited to see what you come up with.

We invite you to join in with municipalities across the Garden State from April 7-13, 2024, to engage citizens while celebrating the work of local government. Municipalities are on the front lines of community service and generally receive higher approval ratings than other levels of government. However, many residents are unaware of how these services impact their daily lives.

Why Participate?

NJ Local Government Week is a time for municipalities to encourage civic education, community collaboration, volunteerism, and local pride. Through NJ Local Government Week, the League hopes to bring awareness to the role local government plays in achieving the best life for communities. Invite your schools, civic groups, businesses, and media to NJ Local Government Week activities for citizens of all ages.


Let residents know about municipal facilities and careers, public works equipment, and fire, police, or utility vehicles. Roll out virtual city hall open houses, host a coffee with the mayor on Facebook live, or provide a virtual tour to students through council chambers. 


Tap into local resources such as community service and volunteering in partnership with local organizations to cross-promote NJ Local Government Week.


Encourage citizens to share their civic pride with an essay, photography, or design showcase/contest. Why not make it a feeder program for your entry for the League’s Show Off Your Municipality photo contest for next year?


Municipalities are encouraged to use social media to celebrate and promote their events using the hashtag #NJLocalGovt and to share event reminders, updates, and interesting facts via Twitter and Facebook.