Badge Substitution/Transfer Refund/Event Policies


There are NO REFUNDS. If an individual is unable to attend, he or she may give his or her badge to another person. The new person MUST bring the badge to the pre-registration counter at the Atlantic City Convention Center, 2nd floor Right of Hall C, where they may exchange a badge of the non-attendee for a new badge in their name.

For Exhibitors badge transfers are processed in front of Hall B.

Please note a badge substitute/transfer will cause the non-attendee name to be cancelled; no CEU’s will attach to this non-attendee. Therefore, do not give a badge to another person for the purposes of a substitution/transfer after the badge has been scanned at a session. One badge substitute/transfer per original badge is permitted.


The League’s Executive Board has established a NO REFUND POLICY ON CANCELED REGISTRATIONS. Upon completing a paper registration, an online registration, and or receiving badges, there are NO REFUNDS (see badge substitution/transfer above).


If an NJLM event is cancelled by NJLM, registration fees for that event will be refunded in full. Modification of events will not be cause for refunds.