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Legislative Staff

The League's legislative staff are constantly working for the League's membership by monitoring Legislative Committee meetings, reviewing lists of bills and staying current on local news to better understand the needs of League member municipalities. Staff provides the League's Legislative Committee with a background on proposed legislation at routine meetings to develop the League's positions on bills.

  1. Ask Your Legislator to Join Energy Tax Receipt Budget Resolutions

    Senator Greenstein and Assemblyman DeAngelo are sponsoring budget resolutions to fully restore the over $330 million in Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Fund. Read on...
  2. Senate Committee Advances Short Term Reseller Legislation

    On Thursday, the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee favorably reported an amended version of S-2850. The League had opposed this legislation, but the amended version addressed our concerns. Read on...
  3. SCOTUS Decision Could Impact NJ Property Tax Laws

    A decision from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) that found a Minnesota county’s retention of excess value above the taxpayer’s debt after a tax foreclosure violated the Constitution could have an impact on New Jersey’s property tax laws. Read on...
  4. Continue to Urge Full Funding of Energy Tax Receipts

    The League, NJ Conference of Mayors (NJCM), and NJ Urban Mayor’s Association (NJUMA) continue to urge the State Legislature and Governor to fully fund the Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Act in the FY2024 budget. Read on...
  5. Legislative Committee Considers Liquor License Reform

    On Wednesday, May 24, the Assembly Oversight, Reform, and Federal Relations Committee considered various liquor license reform bills and held a hearing regarding the state’s regulations on liquor licenses for bars and restaurants. Read on...
  6. Governor Murphy Conditionally Vetoes A-4889

    Earlier this week, Governor Murphy conditionally veto A-4889, to change the effective date. The provisions of the bill would only apply to financial disclosure filed in 2024 and subsequent years. Read on...
  7. Mayors Sign Letter Urging the Full Funding of Energy Tax Receipts

    The League, NJ Conference of Mayors (NJCM), and NJ Urban Mayor’s Association (NJUMA) issued a letter urging the State Legislature and Governor to fully fund the Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Act in the FY 2024 budget. Read on...
  8. General Election Legislation Update

    Last week, A-5175, which makes changes to certain general election deadlines, was favorably reported from the Assembly State and Local Government Committee. The same legislation was held on Thursday in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Read on...
  9. Christmas Tree Bonfire Bill Advances

    On Monday, the Senate Environment and Energy Committee advanced S-861, legislation that would allow municipalities to conduct an annual event for the open burning of Christmas trees. Read on...
  10. Bill Clarifying Electronic Public Meetings Clears Committee

    On Thursday, the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee approved S-2603. The bill seeks to clarify the ability of a public body to hold electronic meetings, and if doing so the appropriate notice requirements. Read on...
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