Police and Fire Labor Data Service

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About this Service

The Police and Fire Labor Data Service provides resources tracking the trends in police and fire contract settlements. The series includes data in Microsoft Excel files. Included are selected contract provisions, see the list below for a list of the provisions included. Also included are department salary scales, which include a calculation of horizontal and vertical increases for each year.

The League’s goal is to provide its membership with the most current data for the most departments across the State. We began collecting this data in January 2019, and will continue collecting through 2020. However, because we know how important and time sensitive this information is, we are releasing the data in two editions. Available now is the first edition, with all data that has been collected thus far; the second edition is expected to be available as early as March 2020. Once the additional data for the second edition is available, it will be emailed automatically to all those that purchased the first edition.

This first edition includes data for approximately 330 police departments and 50 fire departments.

The data is available electronically, allowing you to easily search and sort through information as it best applies to your municipality.

The Police and Fire Labor Data Service is part of the League’s Bureau of Municipal Information. 

In addition to department salary scales, the selected contract provisions included are:

  • Municipality
  • County
  • 2010 Census
  • Municipality's Ratables
  • Firefighters Bargaining Unit
  • Contract Starts
  • Contract Ends
  • # full time firefighters
  • # fire part time firefighters
  • Shift Differential
  • Court Time Payment
  • Court Time Min # Hours
  • Court Time Time & 1/2
  • Overtime Payment
  • Recall Payment
  • Acting Officer
  • Education Provision
  • Additional Pay for College Degrees
  • Shift Schedules
  • Travel, Mileage & Meals Reimbursement
  • Uniforms & Maintenance
  • Holidays
  • Personal Days
  • Sick Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Payment for Unused Sick Leave
  • EMT Stipend (fire only)
  • Longevity Schedule
  • Vacation Schedule
  • Yes/No Answers:
    • Hospital Insurance
    • Major Med Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Optical Insurance
    • Prescription Insurance
    • Retirees' Medical Coverage
    • Liability Insurance
    • Management Rights
    • Past Practices
    • Employee Bill of Rights
    • Grievance Procedure
    • Discipline Provisions
    • Dues Deduction
    • Agency Shop
    • Separability Provision
    • Light Duty