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Economic Recovery Package Provisions: Transportation and Infrastructure




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Surface Transportation Program


$27.5 billion

30% sub-allocation to MPO’s 200,000 and above in population.

3% set aside for transportation enhancements.

120 days to obligate first 50% of apportionment.

One year to obligate the balance.

No matching grant requirement.

The Surface Transportation Program provides flexible funding that may be used by States and localities for projects on any Federal-aid highway, including the NHS, bridge projects on any public road, transit capital projects, and intracity and intercity bus terminals and facilities.

Surface Transportation Competitive Program

$1.5 billion

Competitive discretionary program for projects of significant impact.

FHWA will release criteria for funding no later than May 18, 2009.

Airport Improvement Program

$1.1 billion

Competitive discretionary program for public-use airports for ready to go airport improvement projects.





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High speed rail

$8.0 billion

Secretary of Transportation to send plan to President within 45 days for capital assistance for highway speed rail service development


$1.3 billion

Capital assistance grants to Amtrak to supplement, not supplant planned expenditures, not more than 60% of non-security activities in Northeast Corridor


Transit Capital Assistance

$6.9 billion

Funds for bus, rail and related capital assistance.

$100 million set aside for discretionary grants/$5.4 billion by formula.

No matching requirement.

Priority for projects in economically distressed areas.

Priority to projects that can be completed within three years.

Funds cannot supplant existing funding
50 percent of funding must obliged within 120 days after apportionment.

Funds will be distributed to existing transit recipients 21 days after enactment of the legislation and must be obligated within 180 days/1 year.




Additional Information

Transit New Starts

$750 million

Priority given to projects either under construction or able to obligate funds within 150 days of enactment, cannot comingle with funds from prior years, wage laws apply, Buy America requirements apply.

Transit Fixed Guideway and Modernization

$750 million

Funds cannot be commingled with prior year funds.


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