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June 2009

Re:      Taxpayer’s Dollar: “Don’t Pass the Buck to NJ’s Property Taxpayers!”

Dear Mayor:

Here is the 2009 version of A New Jersey Taxpayer’s Dollar. Based on the latest tax receipts information available, it illustrates our State’s chronic over-reliance on the property tax to fund essential public programs and services.

Taxpayer dollar showing percentages of taxation - see paragraph below

The Dollar shows that 44% of all State and local taxes collected in New Jersey are collected through local property taxes. (The national average is around 30%.) 21% of total taxes are collected through the State Income Tax. (The national average is 22.5%.) The State Sales Tax (The national average is 34.5%.) and all other State collected taxes, which includes cigarette taxes, liquor taxes, motor fuels taxes, etc., (The national average is 8.6%.) account for 15% each. And State Corporation Taxes account for 4% of the total. (The national average is 4.4%.)

We invite you to use copies of the Dollar to graphically demonstrate to your constituents our continuing need for meaningful and sustainable property tax relief and reform. It is also available in PDF (click here).

We hope you find it useful.

If you’d like additional copies, please contact Mr. Eric Bielawski at 609-586-2032 ext 12.

Very truly yours,


William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director




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