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The New Jersey State League of Municipalities
  The Mini One Day Conference
June 16, 2017
Registration begins at 7:30am
  Conference Center at Mercer
1200 Old Trenton RD
  West Windsor, NJ

CMFO, CCFO, CTC, CPWM, RMC, QPA, RPPO/RPPS, and NJCLE earn up to 8 CEU credits in one day!

CRP’s can earn up to 7 CEU Credits in one day!

 Planning/Zoning Board Secretary, Zoning Official, Land Use Administrator, and PACLE earn up to 6 CEU Credits in one day!

CTA’s can earn up to 3.0 credits

CEU Credit Layout

Pennsylvania CLE Attorney Form (Word / PDF)

Schedule of Events:

7:30a.m.- Check In Opens for Mini Conference

7:30a.m. -8:30a.m.- Breakfast and Networking Sponsored by Jersey Central Power and Light

8:30a.m.-10:15a.m. - Morning Session 1(Attendees pick one session per time slot)

A. Public Records Update

An update on recent court and GRC decisions concerning public records under OPRA and the common law.

Speaker: Kristina P. Hadinger, League Deputy Counsel, Mason Griffin & Pierson, PC

CEUS:-CMFO/CCFO-2.0 Off MGMT: CTC-2.0 Gen/Sec; CPWM-2.0 GOVT: RMC-2.0 Rec: QPA-2.0 Off Admin: CPA-2.0 PD; PACLE 1.5*; Registrar 1.0, RPPO/RPPS-2.0 M/S: CRP-1.75: Planning Board Secretaries-1.5 Tech, Zoning Officials-1.5 Tech, Land Use Administrators-1.5 Tech; CTA-1.5 PTA: NJCLE-2.0

B. Online Tax Lien Auctions and Regulations of Tax Sales

This session will include a review of the existing legislation that established the Electronic Tax Lein Auctions pilot programs within DCA., how the impact of the electronic tax sales have improved the tax sale process for municipalities; the session will speak to the SCI report on the program and the rules changes that DCA is implementing this year

Speaker: Joseph Monzo, CFO, Deputy Manager, South Brunswick

CEUs: CMFO/CCFO-2.0 Fin/Debt, CTC-2.0 ENF; RMC-2.0 FIN; CPA-2.0 TAX; PACLE-1.5*; NJCLE-2.0

C. The Electronic Budget Submission Program

The automation of the current municipal fiscal reporting will provide many benefits in the collection, review, approval and dissemination of local government financial information. The Electronic submission system will create a process that would allow Local Government Entities to electronically complete forms and submit documents (to include budget, financials and debt with supporting documentation) rather than the current paper/Excel submissions. That State is creating a single platform Local Entity Financial Information System, to handle all DLGS financial submissions of documents including all supplementary documents like Chapter 159’s, transfers, emergencies, etc..

Speaker: Maureen P. Mitchell, Financial Regulation Manager, Division of Local Government Services

CEUs: CMFO/CCFO-2.0 Bud, CTC-2.0 Gen/Sec; RMC-2.0 FIN; QPA-2.0 Off Admin/Gen Duties; CPA-2.0 Fin; RPPO/RPPS-2.0 M/S: CRP-1.75

D. Green Purchasing for the Procurement Professional

This session will discuss definitions, Green Certifications, avoiding Green Washing, the Model Process, Sustainable NJ, how to prepare specifications, Specifics for Buildings, Energy, Commodities, and Services.

Speaker: Gordon Ball (Retired), Former Procurement Specialist, Division of Local Government Services, State Department of Community Affairs

CEUS: CMFO/CCFO-2.0 Fin/Debt Mgmt; CPWM-2.0 Govt; RMC-2.0 FIN: QPA-2.0 Green Purchasing: CPA-2.0 FIN; RPPO/RPPS-2.0 P/P; CRP-1.75

10:15a.m.-10:30a.m.- Coffee Break

10:30a.m-12:15p.m.- Morning Session II

A. “Ethics: Beyond the Local Government Ethics Law (LGEL)”

This seminar will give a brief review of the LGEL with pertinent cases studies. It will also address some ethics cases in other jurisdictions as well as parallel ethics statutes in the criminal code.

Speaker: Susan Jacobucci, Esq. Administrator, Borough of Paulsboro

CEUs: CMFO/CCFO-2.0 ETH, CTC 2.0-ETH; CPWM-2.0 ETH; RMC-2.0 ETH; QPA-2.0 ETH: CPA-2.0ETH; PACLE-1.5ETH*;RPPO/RPPS-2.0 ETH: Registrar-1.0; CRP-1.75: Planning Board Secretaries-1.5 Admin, Zoning Officials-1.5 Admin, Land Use Administrators-1.5 Admin: CTA-1.5 PTA; NJCLE-2.0 Eth

B. Online Auctions and Regulations of Tax Sales (same as above)

C. Electronic Budget Submission Program(same as above)

D. Modern Method Of Tax Collection and Internal Controls – Perfect Together!

The focus of this session is to discuss the various electronic methods of tax collection currently available. These methods include ACH Debit (direct withdrawal), on-line tax and utility payments, mortgage bank payments, on-line tax sale and remote bank deposit. Discussion will focus on defining these methods, their impact on the operations of the tax office and the internal control strengths and weaknesses these collection and deposit methods bring.

• Stephen O. Gallagher, Director of Finance/Tax Collector, Township of Ocean
• John Swisher, CPA, Partner, Suplee, Clooney, Company

CEUs: CTC-2.0 R/B/C; CPA-2.0 TAX; PACLE-1.5*; NJCLE-2.0

12:15p.m.-1:15p.m.- Lunch Buffet and Networking Sponsored by New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

1:15p.m.-2:55p.m. -Afternoon Session I (Attendees Pick one session per time slot)

A. Ethics: A Review of the LGEL and Beyond the LGEL-Ethics in the Workplace(same as above)

B. Your Antivirus is getting less and less effective”

You are the last line-of-defense of your Technology security layer; what you need to defend against cyber-attacks that make it through the technical filters.

• Defining the current technology landscape and the existing threats they pose
• Real life attacks and how they affect doing business
• Strategy and policies to keep up with the new changes
• John Tugman – Chief Information Officer, Morris County
• Thomas Porto – Detective, Fort Lee Police
• Adam D. Loehner - Deputy Village Administrator, Township of South Orange Village

CEUs: CMFO/CCFO-2.0 IT, CTC-2.0 IT, CPWM-2.0 IT, RMC-2.0 IT, QPA-2.0 IT, CPA-2.0 Tech; RPPO/RPPS-2.0 M/S:CRP-1.75: Planning Board Secretaries-1.5 Admin, Zoning Officials-1.5 Admin, Land Use Administrators-1.5 Admin

C. Initiative and Referendum in New Jersey Local Governments

This session will cover when initiative and referenda are permitted, required and / or prohibited under the Faulkner Act, the Walsh Act and the Home Rule Act and other related statutes.

• Ed McManimon, Esq, McManimon, Scotland, & Baumann, League Associate Counsel
• Francie Ciesla, McManimon,Esq, McManimon, Scotland, & Baumann

CEUs-RMC-2.0 ELEC; PACLE-1.5*: CRP-1.75: Planning Board Secretaries-1.5 Tech, Zoning Officials-1.5 Tech, Land Use Administrators-1.5 Tech; NJCLE-2.0

D. Modern Method of Tax Collection and Internal Controls-Perfect Together! (same as above)

2:55p.m.-3:10p.m.- Afternoon Break and Networking Sponsored by Ben Shaffer Recreation Inc.

3:10p.m.-4:50p.m. -Afternoon Session II

A. Uber vs. Taxi: Safe and Fare Transportation-

This session will discuss the background of Safe and Fare Transportation, the legal way of obtaining the proper authority to operate and highlight various municipal concerns including local mercantile license, requirements of registering a business, and the proposed legislation including the need for the legislation and what impact will be on companies like Uber and the Municipal Clerk.

• Mark Cushing, Investigator, NJMVC’s Fraudulent Documents Training Unit
CEUs: RMC-2.0 Lic, PACLE-1.5*; NJCLE-2.0

B. “Your Antivirus is getting less and less effective”(same as above)

C. A Review of the Municipal Auditing Process

This session will review the Municipal Auditing Process.

• Francis McEnerney, Partner, PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP

CEUs: CMFO/CCFO-2.0 Acct; CTC2.0 Gen/Sec, CPWM-2.0 Govt; RMC-2.0 Fin; QPA-2.0 Gen/Admin; CPA-2.0 Fin; PACLE-1.5*: CRP-1.75: RPPO/RPPS-2.0 M/S; NJCLE-2.0

D. Safeguarding The Integrity Of A Local Government's Contracting Process

New Jersey local entities' taxpayers have the right to expect the benefits of free and open competition through a competitive process to achieve that end. The competitive process only works when competitors independently develop their prices. This session shall review what local public officials, especially purchasing agents, should know about detecting and preventing fraudulent purchasing practices. The session will also discuss the importance of internal controls such as contract management (from the first recognition of need until a contract is closed out) and contract administration (all actions taken to assure compliance with a contract).

• Joseph Valenti, Former Bureau Chief, Division of Local Government Services, DCA(Ret.)
• Mary Lou Stanton, Ret. Somerset Cty Purchasing Official

CEU’s: CMFO/CCFO-2.0 Fin/Debt Mgmt;CPWM-2.0 Govt;RMC-2.0 Fin;QPA-2.0 P/P;CPA-2.0 Fin; RPPO/RPPS-2.0 Public Purchasing; CRP-1.75

5:00p.m. Adjournment

Member Rate*: $105.00(Pre-Registration until June 6, 2017)
$125.00 (After June 6, 2017 you must pay at the door)

Non-Member: $125.00(Pre-Registration until June 6, 2017)
$145.00 (After June 6, 2017 and you must pay at the door)

*Member rate applies to: Municipalities, State, County, and Municipal Utilities & Authorities.

To Register:
-Visit and click on Services
-Select Calendar of Events, Go to the date you are attending
-Download registration form, complete and fax it with your voucher to (609) 695-0151
Questions about registering – contact Suzanne Delany or
609-695-3481 extn 111

*PA CLE’s have been listed on this sheet. Note, to earn PACLE’s separate fees apply.



Published 4/27/17

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