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Media Advisory

November 25, 2009
Trenton, NJ


League Conference delegates acted on 22 resolutions at the annual business meeting held during the League’s 94th Annual Conference on Friday, November 20, 2009.     

The approved resolutions cover a wide range of subjects, including calling for legislation to allow municipalities to withdraw from civil service, interest arbitration reform and revisions to the Open Public Records Act. In addition, a resolution honoring the distinguished service of outgoing League President Timothy McDonough, Mayor of Hope Township, was unanimously passed. 

The resolutions were screened by the League Resolutions committee, chaired by League President and Clifton Mayor James Anzaldi on Tuesday afternoon of the conference week.    In total, 23 resolutions were considered, and ultimately 22 were approved.  

Below is the title and summary for each of the passed resolutions.   The full texts of these resolutions are available on the League’s website at

2009-01:    Resolution to Amend the Police and Fire Interest Arbitration Act to Bring Arbitration Awards in Step with the Fiscal Realities Facing the State of New Jersey and Taxpayers

2009-02:    Support of Organ and Tissue Donation

2009-03:    Calling for Legislation that will permit municipalities to Withdraw from Civil Service

2009-05:    Regarding Maintenance of Municipal Roads

2009-06:    Supporting the Department of Defense Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Organization

2009-07:     Amendment of Current NJDOT Regulations Permitting Issuance of Conditional Permits for Billboards Along New Jersey’s Highways Without Notice to or Consent of Affected Municipalities

2009-08:     Resolution Objecting to State’s Failure to Sufficiently Utilize the State911 Fund for state 9-1-1 and Local 9-1-1 Purposes

2009-09:     Calling for the State and Counties to Provide Notice and Require a Local Public Hearing Prior to Executing and Agreement to Acquire or Fund the Acquisition of Property in a Municipality

2009-10:       Resolution to Provide for Exemption from the Highlands Act for Municipal or Public Improvement Projects

2009-11:      Calling Upon the State Legislature to Address the Inequity in the Court Decision of Riya Finnegan LLC v. Township of South Brunswick

2009-12:      Building Safer Communities through Police Deployment of Electronic Control Devices

2009-13:      Introduce Legislation to Provide Medical Coverage to All 9/11 First Responders

2009-14:      The Impact of the Digital Conversion on Municipalities in the State of NJ

2009-15:      Resolution Calling for a CAP Exception for Increases in Health Care Costs in Excess of 4% of the Total Health Care Costs of the Prior Year

2009-16:      Urging the Legislature to Amend the Open Public Records Act to Address Various Technical and Practical Issues

2009-17:      Objecting to the Model Highlands Septic System Maintenance Ordinance and Model Highlands Potential Contaminant Source Management Ordinance

2009-18:       Resolution calling upon the State Legislature to address the inequity in the court decision of Homes of Hope v. Township of Eastampton

    2009:19:      Resolution Requesting Immediate Action by the State Treasurer to Provide Financial Relief to Senior Citizens for Cable Television

    2009-20:      Resolution In Support of Property Tax Relief through State Assumption of Per Pupil Student Education Costs 

    2009-21:      In Appreciation of League President Timothy McDonough
    2009-22:      Resolution to Gain Property Tax Relief through Mandates Relief
    2009-23:      Resolution Requesting the State Establish Municipal Service Fees to be Paid by Students Attending Colleges and Universities within the Municipality

For more information on any of the resolution approved at the annual business meeting please contact Mike Cerra at or (609)695-3481 x120





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