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Conference time is just around the corner and this year, in order to make the process of moving from session to session quicker and cutting down on the paper work, we at the League will be once again be utilizing the CEU tracking system for the League sponsored sessions*.

How the CEU Tracking System works:

  1. Each League sponsored session that has CEU’s will be assigned a CEU volunteer who will be given a scanner to scan each attendee’s conference badge before each session begins. If a sign-out is required, the CEU volunteer will be present at the door to scan everyone’s badge as they leave. This will account for the attendee’s attendance at a particular session and is a replacement of the sign-in sheets.
  1. Once the session is complete, the attendee can to retrieve their certificate by accessing the CEU system through the link on the League website from their personal computers.

Computer System Log-in:

  1. Log onto the CEU system and enter your badge number (or name and zip code as it appears on your registration).
  1. Select the session for which you wish to print a CEU certificate (please note, sessions only appear for selection after you have attended and been scanned into that session, therefore, if you are not scanned in, you cannot access the session)
  1. When prompted, you will fill out the standard evaluation form for that session.
  1. Once the evaluation form is submitted online, you will have the option to print out the certificate.
  1. After the certificate is printed, you can then have the option to return to the main screen and print out another CEU Certificate or log out.

With the CEU tracking system, the CEU process should be easy -to-use and convenient, while allowing you plenty of time to get from session to session. If you have any questions or need additional guidance please contact Danielle Holland Program Specialist at 690-695-3481 ext. 118 or .

* Please note the procedure explained above only applies to League sponsored sessions. Affiliate sessions may use a different procedure. For a complete list of League sponsored sessions please consult the League website.
** Please note that not all sessions will be immediately available.

***Attendees will have up until May 2013 to access this system.




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