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October 20, 2009

RE: Bills Signed by Governor

Dear Mayor:

The Governor’s Office has announced that the following bills have been signed into law.

S-451/A-2457 – This bill requires the Office of Emergency Management to maintain a regional directory database containing a listing of public and private entities that provide emergency supplies and identifies emergency supplies and other resources these entities can make available during an emergency. "Emergency supplies" as defined in the bill means, but is not limited to: equipment such as vehicles, including boats; materials for road closures such as road signs, flares, cones and lights; personal protective gear; emergency food rations; and first aid materials.

S-520/A-1718 –This bill would require drivers to make all reasonable efforts to remove accumulated ice or snow on the hood, trunk and roof of their motor vehicle prior to operation. Law enforcement would be authorized to stop an individual if it is believed the accumulated ice or snow may pose a safety threat to any individuals or property.

Anyone found in violation of the law, would be subject to a fine of at least $25 but no more than $75. However, no motor vehicle points or automobile insurance eligibility points would be assessed for the offense. The bill would not apply to any driver of a motor vehicle operated during a snow or ice storm that began while the vehicle was already in operation.

Funds collected under the bill would be used to offset the cost of a public education campaign to raise awareness on the importance of removing the snow and ice from a vehicle prior to operation, as well as towards the purchase and installation of equipment that would be placed at weigh stations, rest areas and inspection facilities to help commercial drivers remove snow and ice from large vehicles.

S-532/A-1731 –Under the bill, it would be unlawful for a convicted sex offender, whose victim was under 18 years of age, to hold a position or otherwise serve, in a paid or unpaid capacity, in a youth serving organization.  A violator would be guilty of a crime of the third degree, which carries a penalty of three to five years imprisonment, a fine of up to $15,000, or both. A person who knowingly hires, engages or appoints an excluded sex offender to serve in a youth serving organization in violation of the bill’s provisions would be guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.  The penalty for a crime of the fourth degree is imprisonment for up to 18 months, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.  Current State law allows nonprofit youth serving organizations to request criminal history record background checks for their employees and volunteers.

The bill excludes from its provisions participation by sex offenders who are under 18 years of age in youth serving organizations which provide rehabilitative or other services to juvenile sex offenders. The bill’s prohibitions do not apply to convicted sex offenders, whose victims were under the age of 18, who are under Parole Board supervision and to whom the Parole Board has given express written permission to hold a position or otherwise participate in a youth serving organization. The bill also removes sex offenders who are subject to its mandatory provisions from the provisions governing background checks for nonprofit youth serving organizations at the option of an organization. 

A-2784/S-1426 – This bill is permits municipalities to establish strict absentee policies for members of authorities, boards and commissions established by the municipality, in order to better enable these entities to function. The bill would require municipalities to compile and maintain a roster of its local authorities, boards and commissions in order to provide information for residents interested in serving their municipality. It sets forth a model form for municipalities to provide to persons who are interested in serving on a municipal authority, board or commission. Further, it would authorize a municipal authority, board, and commission chairperson to administer oaths of office to newly appointed members and require new members to be sworn in.

This new law prohibits a municipal appointing authority from adopting an ordinance authorizing the removal of a member of a municipal authority, board, or commission if the member has not missed a minimum of six consecutive weeks, or three consecutive regular meetings, which ever is longer, without being excused, within the member’s term of office.

We will keep you posted on Gubernatorial actions, while the Legislature remains in recess, pending the November elections.

Very truly yours,


William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director


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