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June 16, 2009

Re: Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund (CICRF)

Dear Mayor:

Hon. Ralph Condo, a current Township Committee Member and former Mayor in Waterford Township, also serves as the Executive Director of New Jersey’s Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund (CICRF). At his request, we are asking local officials throughout the state to help spread the word about an important state program to assist families who are facing daunting medical bills due to a child’s illness or injury.

The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund (CICRF) helps New Jersey families, regardless of income, whose un-reimbursed medical and related expenses have become a financial burden. Since its creation in 1988, the CICRF has been a financial safety net for thousands of children and their families. Grants cover expenses such as hospital and physician bills, medications, disposable medical goods and medical equipment, in addition to home care, medically-related transportation, and home and vehicle modifications.

To receive a grant from the Fund, a family must reside in New Jersey for at least three months and have uncovered medical bills or expenses for the care of a child age 21 or younger. Expenses are considered retroactively back to the inception of the program in 1988, and the Fund does not exclude based on diagnosis.

Uniquely, there is no income limitation on who is eligible to apply to the Fund.  To qualify, uncovered eligible expenses must be greater than 10% of the family’s first $100,000 of income, plus 15% of any excess income over $100,000. The program recognizes that families of all incomes can easily become overwhelmed when bills begin arriving to cover the care of their child.

As an elected official, you know your community and its families best. Might there be a family in your community who should know about this program?

In challenging economic times it’s more important than ever that families know there is help available, which is why we are asking you to consider including the attached article in any municipal newsletters, websites or other sources of information in your community.  You may wish to personalize it as appropriate.

Families can learn more and request an application by calling 1-800-335-FUND (3863).

In several municipalities, Mr. Condo has been invited to speak about our program.  He would be happy to address your governing body or other community group for a brief overview of the program. You are invited to contact him anytime if he might help you or your constituents. His phone number at CICRF is 609-292-0600.

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director




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