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Membership Benefits & Services


Since 1915, municipal officials have received assistance from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities in dealing with local government affairs. The League is a non-profit, voluntary association of municipal governments. Its service program has you in mind. Whether you are serving your community in an elected or appointed capacity, we can make your job easier. Your League staff is always available to answer questions on all aspects of local government.

Legislative Activities

Whether your municipality has a population of 300 or 300,000, it has a major stake in legislative deliberations in Trenton. Consequently, an important League priority is the defense of home rule autonomy. The League has a long-established reputation as an articulate advocate for municipal interests.

Every bill pending before the Legislature which might affect localities is evaluated by the League's 100-member Legislative Committee, and aggressively opposed or supported by the League's lobbying team in concert with local officials around the state.

The League's position on the respective measures, which number close to 2,000 in the average session, is reported to officials in every community through the LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN.

Alerts and timely updates are provided to League members through letters, faxes and email. A quick telephone call will get you up-to-the-minute status reports on pending legislation, copies of bills or laws and general background data on any legislative matter.

New Jersey Municipalities

Edited with the busy local official in mind, the League's monthly magazine is a source of new ideas and information on state and local programs.

In a sense, the pages of NEW JERSEY MUNICIPALITIES serve as a training manual in a continuing education course for local officials, whether they are mayors, governing body members, or administrative and professional members of the municipal management team. Articles span the broad spectrum of local administration, both functionally and geographically. Material of interest to the rural community in South Jersey will appear in the same issue with an article explaining a large municipality's program in North Jersey.

Articles reach the pages of NEW JERSEY MUNICIPALITIES only if they will benefit other
communities or officials. The issues are editorially balanced so that a year's subscription will bring articles of interest to all officials.

Readers of the magazine also know that much of its value goes far beyond the ten or twelve feature articles and columns appearing each month.

Every issue carries notices of upcoming meetings, announcements of training courses and administrative directives from state agencies, as well as advertisements from suppliers of municipal products and services.

Through its monthly editorials, NEW JERSEY MUNICIPALITIES continues to articulate municipal reactions to developments and to crusade for municipal needs.

Issues of NEW JERSEY MUNICIPALITIES average 93 pages in length and are circulated to over 9,300 local officials, state administrators and libraries each month.

Bureau of Municipal Information

The League offers a consultation service as part of its Bureau of Municipal Information. All members can access this service free by telephone or email. Our staff attorney, Frank Marshall, who heads the Bureau, provides municipal officials and employees with knowledge and analysis. If you have an issue and you want an informal consultation with an attorney knowledgeable in municipal law, contact Frank Marshall at the League, extension 137, or at *Please note that the intent of this service is to provide a consultation and not legal advice. If you need legal advice, your first call should be to your municipal attorney.

On the League's website, the Bureau's web page provides links to relevant sites for timely information on local laws and issues. You can find the Bureau's main page at You csan also find various resources and informational centers, as well as links to informational websites, such as descriptions of New Jersey's forms of government. The resources that we offer are continually being expanded and improved.

The Bureau maintains the largest collection of ordinances in the state. We are currently in the process of improving our ordinance information available on the web. If members cannot find a sample ordinance online, our members may obtain additional ordinances via telephone or email.

The Bureau has expanded its offerings of publications available to our members throughout the last several years. We update these publications regularly. Protecting Your Town’s Environment has been updated to include storm water, CARFRA, and brownfields redevelopment. The Primer for Local Elected Officials is also updated each year to meet the changing needs of local government leadership. The full list of publications is available on the League's website (

League Publications

The League provides numerous publications and reference books on a wide variety of municipal issues. Publications are available for a modest charge on a number of different areas of interest to municipal officials. Some of the available titles include: "New Laws of Interest to New Jersey Municipalities;" "Elected Officials' Handbook;" "Municipal Salary Survey;" "The Open Public Meetings Act;" "A Primer on the Open Public Records Act;" Selected Municipal License Fees;" and "Municipal Personnel Policies." Contact Suzanne Allen at 609-695-3481, Ext. 110 or for a list of current titles and prices.

The Police and Fire Labor Contract Data Service

To keep track of trends in municipal police and fire contract settlements, the League formed its Police and Fire Labor Contract Data Service. Available to member municipalities by annual subscription, the Service includes publications on police and fire salaries, police and fire contract provisions, and the quarterly Arbitration Reporter. For costs and for information contact Taran Samhammer, at 609-695-3481, Ext. 124.

League Website

The League website is available, via the Internet, to keep you informed on the hottest issues affecting municipal government. With this website you can:

• Review explanations of the 12 forms of New Jersey municipal government.

• Read current late breaking information on the hottest issues.

• Access the latest positions on legislation and request copies of bills.

• Review a calendar of events.

• See a list of important state and local contacts.

• Get information on League services, publications, and more.

• Register for E-Bulletin alerts on new League programs and updates.

Professional Development Seminars

The changing demands on local government mean last year's knowledge does not always apply to this year's problems. The complexity of new regulations, as well as new opportunities, sometimes requires more than a quick phone call or magazine article. That's where the League's professional development programs play a role. These programs are attended by more than 2,000 municipal officials each year. Contact the League office or visit the calendar at for this year's schedule or to suggest a topic you would like included.

Some regularly scheduled topics include:

• Annual Mayors’ Legislative Day
   (with induction to the Elected Officials’ Hall of Fame)

• Newly Elected and Re-Elected Officials

• Annual Fiscal Update

• Labor Relations Update

• Annual Economic Development Summit

Advisory Services

Labor Relations Advisory Service

Helps with your labor relations issues concerning unit recognition, unfair labor practices, grievance procedures, and more. This service offers telephone inquiries, and a magazine column. Supplementary services are available for standard legal fees. To use the service contact the League's Labor Relations Counsel Angelo Genova or Joseph Hannon at 973-535-0777.

Interlocal Services & Management Advisory Services

Our Interlocal Advisory Center provides an excellent resource for accessing interlocal legislation, sample shared service agreements and informational articles on initiating agreements in New Jersey. A bulletin board has been added for posting shared service requests, questions and ideas. League members also have access to a basic one hour consultancy and site visits of one-half day when determined appropriate and necessary by the League and the League's consultant.

To access this service, contact 609-695-3481, extension 124 or Requests must be coordinated with the mayor/ manager and governing body. Consultant services are provided by an experienced municipal expert with appropriate New Jersey credentials.

Web Advisory Service

Assists you with a variety of web site and Internet issues regardless of whether your municipality has an existing web site or is considering developing one. Advice and answers to basic questions are available by phone on such items as: policy development; web site design; development tools; disability access to sites; and more.

Also available at discounted rates are web site audits, web hosting, backup, and maintenance for web projects and review of start-up web site design.

To use the service contact the League Bureau of Municipal Information at 609-695-3481 extension 120.

Grant Services

The League's Grant Resource Center is updated monthly with links to open funding opportunities. This resource center offers a toolkit of informational articles and grant news alerts on its “Grant News and Information” page. Through a partnership with, League members may purchase a discounted membership to use their searchable databases; be sure to reserve through the League to take advantage of the discounted rate.  For information on the Grant Resource Center, contact Taran Samhammer at 609-695-3481, Ext. 124, or

Annual Conference

The League's service program is a daily way of life, with a continuing exchange of information taking place throughout the year. One week is special, however. And, of course, that is the week of the Annual Conference. Held traditionally in Atlantic City, the Conference is the time when more than 18,000 municipal officials, program participants and guests merge into what is the greatest municipal affairs talent bank of its kind in America.

New officials and old, with urban, suburban and rural interests, come to learn and discuss and comment. They attend consulting periods, workshops, panel sessions and seminars sponsored by the League and its affiliate organizations. Whatever the format of the meetings, participants leave better informed and better equipped to serve their communities.

Throughout the year, League staff monitors the daily pulse of municipal affairs around the state with an eye to the program content of the Conference. Then, we arrange a tightly-woven schedule of sessions, which offers the kind of help local officials need — timely answers to the problems they are facing today.

Between sessions, Conference delegates have the opportunity to visit over 1,000 exhibits of governmental services, products and equipment.

National League of Cities

On Federal issues, the League works in concert with the National League of Cities.

A central focus of NLC is to be an advocate for the interests of U.S. municipalities with the Federal Government. Because of the diversity of NLC's membership, a broadly-based and member-driven policy development process is in place. It annually updates the National Municipal Policy (NMP), a compilation of positions that have been adopted by the NLC members, at each annual Congress of Cities. Policy development is lodged in seven committees of elected municipal officials. The position in the NMP and separate resolutions guide NLC in its lobbying efforts with the Federal Government.

NLC represents the interest of cities and towns in Washington by advocating for the positions established by local elected officials in the National Municipal Policy. Legislative activities involve: communicating with Congress and the administration about those policies; testifying at Congressional hearings to inform legislators about the impact of specific bills on cities and towns; informing local officials about pending actions in Washington that have implications for cities and towns; and organizing grass roots lobbying activities to ensure that the local voice is heard in Washington.

Each year, the NLC Board of Directors adopts an annual Action Agenda that defines the top advocacy priorities for the year to guide NLC's lobbying activities. In addition to the Action Agenda, NLC publishes legislative issue papers when the new Congress convenes to highlight key issues that are likely to be on the Congressional agenda that will affect cities and towns. Throughout the year, NLC's legislative counsels prepare action alerts, special reports, and testimony to communicate the NLC message in Washington and ensure that local officials are up-to-date on federal issues affecting their communities.

For membership information, contact the National League of Cities at 202-626-3190.

League Phone List

LEAGUE OFFICE 609-695-3481

There are no formal procedures involved in getting information or assistance from the League office. Merely telephone, email, or write—whichever is most convenient. You will receive prompt, knowledgeable attention to your problem. And remember—the membership dues, which your municipality pays, entitle you to use the League's information services at no extra cost, with the exception of small charges for the magazine and special reports. The League was created to serve local officials. It is your organization, your partnership. Take advantage of your membership.

After hours, you can leave a voice message for most staff members by dialing their extension, or leave a general message by following the prompts. To email staff: Use first initial of first name and complete last name (e.g.,

Staff phone and email listing


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