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Magazine of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities
Volume 84• Number 8 • November 2007
222 West State Street
Trenton, N.J. 08608
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New DCA Commissioner Speaks Out

Woodbine Pioneers a Community School
By William Pikolycky
Mayor, Woodbine

Innovative Food Recycling Comes to Woodbridge
By John E. McCormac
Mayor, Woodbridge

Newark’s New Streetscapes and Beyond
Urban Areas Benefit from State Funding

By Caren S. Franzini,
Chief Executive Officer, New Jersey Economic Development Authority

2007 Farm Bill Can Enhance Hunger and Nutrition Programs
By Charles M. Kuperus
New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture

FEMA 101: What Local Officials Need to Know
By Stephen Kempf
Regional Administrator, FEMA, Region II

Planning for the Worst
How to Maintain Government Following a Catastrophe

By Richard L. Cañas
&  Major Gen. (Ret.) George T. Garrett

Navigating the Legal Requirements of Paper Streets
By Kristina P. Hadinger, League Associate Counsel and Attorney for Montgomery Township

When Judges Stray
The Proper Roles of the Branches of Government in Public Contracting

By Lori Grifa
&  Melissa Salimbene
Wolff & Samson, PC

Everyone Wins at First Mayors Healthy Cook-Off!
By Judy Doyle
Mayors Wellness Campaign Director

The MEL/JIF System
Delivering Over $750 Million in Savings

By Carl BlockMayor, Township of Stafford



Television and Internet Safety
Protections that Keep Pace with Technology

By Dante Di Pirro
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, New Jersey Cable Telecommunications Association

Reform Comes to State School Construction
By Scott Weiner
New Jersey Schools Development Authority CEO

Tracking the Progress of Clean Communities Programs
The Statistical Report 

By Sandy Huber
Executive Director, Clean Communities Council

Subprime Mortgage Foreclosure
A Threat to Family and National Economic Stability 

By Carolyn Coleman
Director, Federal Relations, National League of Cities
&  Michael Wallace
Senior Legislative Counsel, National League of Cities

Avoiding the Redevelopment Conflict of Interest Pitfall
By Brent T. Carney
Maraziti, Falcon & Healey, L.L.P.

A Law to Suggest and Encourage Local Government Consolidations

By Gregory C. Fehrenbach
Coordinator, League Interlocal Advisory Service

Energy Efficiency and Conservation
A Potential Win-Win Scenario for Everyone

By James Blando
Council Chairman, New Jersey Clean Air Council

Emergency Communications and More
How Middletown Uses Technology to Connect
By Robert Czech
Township Administrator, Middletown Township

Sussex County Embraces Mayors Wellness Campaign
By Herbert Yardley, Health Officer/Director of Sussex County Division of Health (SCDOH)
&  Daniel N. Coranoto
Deputy Mayor, Hampton Township

The League Resolutions Committee
Setting the Municipal Agenda

By Michael F. CerraSenior Legislative Analyst

Girl cleaning up junk
How FEMA Works

Winners in Mayors Cook-Off
Mayors Cook-Off

House sitting on dollar bills
Subprime Mortgage







From 222 West State Street
By Bill Dressel

As I See It
By Patricia Flannery,
Mayor, BBridgewater

Washington Watch
By Jim Saxton
Congressman, 3rd District

Under the Gold Dome
By James McQueeny

Labor Relations News & Views
By Gerald L. Dorf


Legal Q&A
By Deborah M. Kole

Legislative Update
By Michael Cerra, Helen Yeldell, and
Jon R. Moran

Job Lines & Professional Directory

Garden Statements
By Taran B. Samhammer

By Karen Venditti

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