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NJ Municipalities Magazine

Magazine of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities
Volume 89 • Number 9 December 2012

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December 2012

Blood Drive


From 222 West State Street
By Bill Dressel

As I See It
By Mike Melfi, Mayor, Hackensack

Under the Gold Dome
By Darryl Isherwood

Labor Relations News & Views
By Brian W. Kronick, Esq.

Legislative Update
By Lori Buckelew, Michael F. Cerra, Jon R. Moran, Matthew Weng

Legal Q&A
By Matthew Weng

Business Card Directory

Garden Statements
By Taran Samhammer

By Danielle Holland

man in wheelchair in front of people standing
girl with bicycle holding sign for Complete Streets


Responding to the Rise in Autism
By Colleen Mahr, Mayor, Fanwood & Adrienne P. Robertiello, Autism Educator, Children’s Specialized Hospital

Atlantic City Embraces a Different Kind of Green
By Lorenzo T. Langford, Mayor, Atlantic City

Why Performance Counts
By Joseph Florio, Mayor & Sergio Panunzio, Superintendent of Public Works, Union Township (Union)

Secaucus Is Doing Its Part for the Planet
By Michael Gonnelli, Mayor, Secaucus

More Municipalities Are Considering Bankruptcy
By John McCormac, Mayor, Woodbridge & George R. Hirsch, Esq.

How to Ask Your Public Library to Return Funds
By Vincent Mazzeo, Mayor, City of Northfield

Summer Workplace Blood Drives Increase Donations
By Mary E. O’Dowd, Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Health

Small Cities Community Development Block Grants
Small Projects Equal Big Results

By Richard E. Constable, III, Commissioner, Department of Community Affairs

NJLM Legal Team

Creating Community Homes for Those with Developmental Disabilities
By Jennifer Velez, Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Human Services

"I Want My Complete Streets"
Join Our Statewide Initiative for Safer, Healther and More Economical Streets

By Jerry Fried, Lead Ambassador, Ambassadors In Motion, Rutgers’ Vorhees Transportation Center;
former Mayor, Montclair

Municipal Fleet Alternative Fuel Vehicles
The Time Has Come

By J.D. Stem, President, New Jersey Propane (LPG) Gas Association

Public Election Financing
The Guardian of the Electoral Process

By Jeff Brindle, Executive Director, New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission

Closing the Revolving Door to New Jersey’s Prisons
By Gary M. Lanigan, Commissioner, Department of Corrections

The Power of Youth Engagement
By Jessica Trombetta, Director, Adolescent Services, New Jersey Department of Children and Families

Is the Municipal Bond Tax Exemption Protected by the Constitution?
By Edward J. McManimon, III, NJLM Associate Counsel; McManimon & Scotland

Advancing Health and the Economy
By Dean J. Paranicas, President and Chief Executive Officer, Heathcare Institute of New Jersey

Haledon Mounted Patrol Officers Recognized

League to Hold Annual Business Meeting 7

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