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NJ Municipalities Magazine

Magazine of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities
Volume 89 • Number 8 November 2012

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November 2012

Perth Amboy Waterfront


From 222 West State Street
By Bill Dressel

As I See It
By Jamel Holley, Mayor, Roselle
& Colleen Mahr, Mayor, Fanwood

Under the Gold Dome
By Darryl Isherwood

Legislative Update
By Lori Buckelew, Michael F. Cerra, Jon R. Moran, Matthew Weng

Legal Q&A
By Matthew Weng

Business Card Directory

Garden Statements
By Taran Samhammer

By Danielle Holland

Woman Shopping for fresh vegetables
Red Light Camera


The Super Bowl Comes to New Jersey
By Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., President, Super Bowl XLVIII Host Committee

Economic Development Through Social Enterprise
A Sustainable Approach to Advancing the Common Good

By Jim Cahill, Mayor, New Brunswick

Perth Amboy
A Tale of Two Cities

By Wilda Diaz, Mayor, Perth Amboy & Gregory C. Fehrenbach, Principal, Government Management Advisors, LLC;

Interim City Administrator, Perth Amboy
Mansfield and Springfield Form a Joint Court

By Janice DiGiuseppe, Committeewoman, Mansfield Township

Introducing the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Program
By Jon Hornik, Mayor, Marlboro & Barbara Rosenbaum Singer, Member, Marlboro Economic Development Committee

Plainfield – A City on the Move
By Sharon Robinson-Briggs, Mayor, City of Plainfield; member, League Executive Board

Pennington Library Embraces Appreciative Strategic Planning
By James M. Davy, Director, Center for Applied Appreciative Inquiry & Eileen Heinzel, Pennington Borough Councilperson; Liaison Member, Library Board of Trustees

Innovation in Design Rescues Memorial Field
By Marc N. Schrieks, Mayor, Borough of Lodi

First It Was Amber Alert, then Silver Alert
Now We’ve Got Fur Alert!

By Phyllis A. Magazzu, Mayor, Berlin Township

EDA Financing
Helping to Bring Fresh Food to All
By Tim Lizura, President and Chief Operating Officer, New Jersey Economic Development Authority

A Local Ordinance May Help End Lead Poisoning
By Joseph D. Pargola, Policy Advisor, New Jersey Department of Health

The Growth of GRUPA
By Ken Kobylowski, Acting Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

NJLM Annual Conference Information

Public Health Is a Model of Shared Services
By Christopher Rinn, Assistant Commissioner, Public Health Infrastructure, Laboratories and Emergency Response Public Health Services Branch, New Jersey Department of Health

Red Light Cameras Increase Public Safety
By Jack M. Nata, Manager, Division of Traffic and Signals, Newark

TRASH: A Revenue Source You Can’t Afford to Ignore
By Jim Morris, Associate Director, Continuing Professional Education, NJ Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers University

The Local Bomb Squad
Responding to a Variety of Threats

By Lt. Dwayne Jones, New Jersey State Police Arson/Bomb Unit

US Supreme Court Grants Part-Time Municipal Attorney Immunity
By Leonard T. Bier, Esq., General and Special Legal Counsel, NJ Association of Parking Authorities & Agencies

New League IT Advisory Service

Chatham Incorporates Best Practices
By Bruce Harris, Mayor, Chatham Borough & Mitchell Darer, Executive Director, NJIT Center for Information
Age Technology

New Program Seeks Jobs for Vets
By Colonel Alan R. Smith (Retired), State Chairman, New Jersey Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

The Hidden Traps in Gale & Kitson Fredon, LLC v. Township of Fredon
By Owen T. Weaver, Esq.

$350 Million a Year is Too Much
How to End the Assault by Opportunistic Lawyers
By Marcus Rayner, Executive Director, New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance

The Biggest Losers—New Jersey Property Taxpayers
Alan Zalkind, Director, Center for Government Services, Rutgers University

New Jersey Needs Long-Term Federal Transportation Funding Solutions
By Matthew Holt, Chairman, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority; Hunterdon County Freeholder; former Mayor, Clinton

Infrastructure Improvements Reduce Flood Hazards
By Judith Auer Shaw, The National Center for Neighborhood and Brownfield Redevelopment

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