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Bill Dressel, League Executive Director


        OPEN TO YOU

Bill Dressel

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.” So said Will Rogers, at a time when our country was struggling to emerge from the Great Depression.

  A product of the Progressive Era that flourished in the second decade of the 20th Century, your League of Municipalities has helped New Jersey municipal officials to keep our state on track for almost 100 years, now. We know that our Garden State will never fulfill the promise of its motto, unless that Liberty and Prosperity can flourish in all of our municipalities. So, if there is a problem in your municipality—particularly if that issue is either caused by or could be remedied by a federal, state or local public policy—we want to know about it. We stand ready to help.

Consider our seminars and educational offerings. The changing demands on local government mean last year’s knowledge does not always apply to this year’s problems. The complexity of new regulations, as well as new opportunities, sometimes requires more than a quick phone call or magazine article. That’s where the League’s half-day seminars play a role. Over 2,000 municipal officials attend these programs each year. For this year’s schedule visit or to suggest a topic, call me.

The League also publishes helpful reference books on a wide variety of topics.  Publications, including  “New Laws of Interest to New Jersey Municipalities;” “Elected Officials’ Handbook;” “Municipal Salary Survey;” “The Open Public Meetings Act;” “A Primer on the Open Public Records Act;” various “License Fee Surveys;” and “Municipal Personnel Policies,” among others,  are available for a modest charge. Visit to start building your municipal library.

And with over 15,000 codified municipal ordinances on file, our Bureau of Municipal Information maintains the largest collection of ordinances in the state. These ordinances, along with other information concerning local and state laws that affect municipalities, are available free to our members via telephone or e-mail to the Bureau. Furthermore, members can download ordinances themselves from the League’s Internet web pages.

Then there’s our annual Conference, our legislative advocacy service, our special advisory services… I could go on.

And, whenever you’re in Trenton, feel free to make our offices your home away from home. Stop in to introduce yourself or to use our facilities. Our phones, fax machines, computers and copiers are at your service. We can even loan you our small meeting room, if you’ve given us some advance notice. We stand ready to help you better serve your fellow citizens.


Editorial from New Jersey Municipalities, Volume 89, Number 3, March 2012

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