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Bill Dressel, League Executive Director



Bill Dressel

Another election season has passed us by. And another new year approaches. Due to retirements, resignations and the inscrutable will of the voters, a number of new mayors and municipal governing body members will join the many who won reelection. All those will be sworn in early next month. And they will join those whose terms reach beyond some future election day.

  Words spoken at a time of crisis 50 years ago by a young untested leader still resound today. “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

As you accept that responsibility, know that you are not alone. You have a staff in your branch office in Trenton. And we are ready to help. Elsewhere in this issue, you will find your 2012 League calendar. Just take a look at the back for a list and brief description of our most popular services. At the end of the list, you can find a roster of your League staffers and details on how to contact us. 

Whenever you come to Trenton, stop into the office to meet us or to use our facilities. Our phones, fax machines, computers and copiers are at your service. And a small meeting room can be available, if you’ve given us some advance notice.

You can also visit us on the web. For a list of our helpful publications, click here.

Publications.html. There, you’ll be able to order our “Elected Officials’ Handbook,” “Protecting Your Town’s Environment,” “Building Economic Development at the Local Level” and more. And you can periodically check on upcoming seminars at to learn about League learning opportunities for you and your municipal staff.

Your League of Municipalities’ staff looks forward to serving you throughout your tenure in office.

But also due to resignations, retirements and the inscrutable will of the voters, some of our readers will be leaving elected office at the end of this month. We sincerely appreciate your generosity of spirit. We are grateful for your long hours, tireless days, late nights and steady years of faithful public service. And we thank you for the time, talent, energy, expertise, labor and leadership that you have freely given for the benefit of your fellow citizens.

It has been our honor to know you and to serve you.


Editorial from New Jersey Municipalities, Volume 88, Number 9, December 2011

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