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Bill Dressel, League Executive Director



Bill Dressel

For over a year, the League, as well as just about every other interested party in New Jersey, played an active role in the legislative debate over S-1, which would abolish COAH and make other changes to the state’s housing laws.

  Unfortunately, the League could not support the bill that was passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor. The Governor’s conditional veto of the bill was welcomed. But it was disappointing that we were put in a position in which local governments were forced to oppose the legislation. Most agree that a legislative solution is needed, but special interests simply got in the way and the divide seemed to grow larger.

So, the next question is what’s next? And where do our municipalities stand?

As we go to press, we learned that the primary sponsor of S-1 intends to withdraw S-1 and introduce new legislation to abolish COAH.

It now appears the state Supreme Court may be the next round in this on-going debate. The League is seeking an appeal of the October 8 Appellate Division decision, specifically to consider the constitutionality of “growth share.”

Meanwhile, COAH goes on and is developing a new set of regulations. Having their controversial 3rd round regulations invalidated, we can only hope that the agency has learned from its past mistakes and now advances a viable and sustainable regulatory scheme.

Whatever steps are next, the League will continue to advocate for a rational sustainable policy that works for all our municipalities, for all of our taxpayers and for all of our families.


Editorial from New Jersey Municipalities, Volume 88, Number 3, March 2011

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