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Magazine of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities
Volume 87 • Number 5 • May 2010
222 West State Street
Trenton, N.J. 08608
Phone: (609) 695-3481
Fax (609) 695-0151

Members of the Teen Advisory Committee


Tapping the Power of Our Teens
By Lawrence Rosen, Deputy Mayor, Marlboro

Setting a Dramatic New Course
By Chris Christie, Governor

The League Weighs In on the State Budget
By James Anzaldi, League President

Reforming a System of Unfunded Mandates
By Kim Guadagno, Lieutenant Governor

Jefferson Township
Bringing Business Efficiency to Government

By Russell Felter, Mayor, Jefferson Township &
Shawn Hopkins Chief Technology Officer and Tax Assessor,
Jefferson Township

Vehicle Idling Stinks
Together We Can Stop It

By Nancy Wittenberg, Assistant Commissioner of Environmental Regulation, Department of Environmental Protection

With Our Help Homeowners Can Save up to 30 Percent on Energy Bills
By Lee A. Solomon, President, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

Belmar Gets In Step with the Mayors Wellness Campaign
By Claire Deicke, Councilwoman, Belmar

The Internet, Web Sites and E-Mail
Developing Information Technology Policy

By Morris Enyeart, League Internet and Web Services Consultant,
President, City Connections LLC

The Importance of Ethics in Building Credibility
By Jeffrey R. Surenian, Esq., League Associate Counsel &
Michael A. Pane Award Winner
Connecting Home Gardeners with Area Food Pantries

By Gary Oppenheimer, Commissioner, West Milford Environmental Commission & Bettina A. Bieri, Mayor, West Milford

Trenton Forgets the Promises of Energy Tax ‘Reform,’ But Mayors Don’t
By Janice S. Mironov, Mayor, East Windsor &
Dave Fried Mayor, Robbinsville Township

Piscataway’s Citizen Police Academy
Bringing an Understanding of Policing to the People

By Brian C. Wahler, Mayor, Piscataway Township &
Detective Frank Hackler, Piscataway Police Department

Promoting Organ Donation Saves Lives
By Joseph Roth, President and CEO, New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network

Lessons from the Ashville Project
How to Manage the Costs of Chronic Illness

By John Miall, President, Miall Consulting

Electrical Dangers May Lurk Beneath Our Urban Streets
By Connie Hughes, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Power Survey Company

The Clean Communities Environmental Student Exchange
Promoting a Cleanliness Ethic Statewide

By Sandy Huber, Executive Director, Clean Communities Council

Workforce Reductions
10 Steps to Making Layoffs in Local Government More Gracefully

By Jim Schutz, Assistant City Manager, San Rafael, CA

Governor’s Chief of Staff Addresses Legislative Committee

League General Council Keans Recognized for Excellence

Women in Municipal Government Meet



From 222 West State Street
By Bill Dressel

As I See It
By Scott Pruiksma
Councilman, Borough of Midland Park

Under the Gold Dome
By James McQueeny

Washington Watch
By  Robert Menendez, Senator

Legal Q&A
By Matthew Weng

Legislative Update
By Michael F. Cerra, Jon R. Moran
& Lori Buckelew

Professional Card Directory

Garden Statements
By Taran B. Samhammer

By Danielle Holland

Exhaust from a car

Man on pistol shooting range firing at a target







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