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On-Line Auctions
Pay Off Hackensack

Marlin Townes
By Marlin G. Townes
Mayor, Hackensack

When Ray Carnevale, our Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Purchasing, went to Hackensack City Manager Stephen Lo Iacono proposing the Gov Deal auction, Mr. Lo Iacono was immediately convinced that the online auction system would be a win-win situation for Hackensack.

I immediately contacted Director Susan Jacobucci of the Division of Local Governemnt Services and she walked me through the process of applying for the Pilot Program designation, which Director Jacobucci made very simple.

truck for auctionford car for auction

The Division of Local Government Services really made the process easy and Hackensack requested to become a Pilot Program municipality.
I later contacted Mr. Joseph Valenti, then Chief of the Division, and in no time I received my letter from Director Jacobucci that the City of Hackensack was approved as a Pilot Program municipality and we were on our way.

Mr. Carnevale immediately realized which employee would have the little time necessary to work with him and would be as excited as he was to make this work. Art Koster, Personnel Director was the individual that Ray approached, and they have been a great team since.

Mr. Koster explained that the process is very simple.“ I take a few digital shots of the items to be auctioned, send it online to be posted, pick a final date for the auction, and from then on we just watch for results.”

About the only other work that is involved is that all decals must be removed from the vehicles before the successful bidder is given the property.
From my perspective as mayor, instituting the Gov Deals online auction was a “no brainer.” For our town auctions we sometimes had rain or snow or freezing cold. It is a lot easier now taking a few pictures, watching the results on your computer and getting much better results.When we learned of the online alternative, the city moved on it quickly. The result was a new source of revenue.

The City of Hackensack was very fortunate that Ray Carnevale accepted the challenge of becoming one of the first municipalities in North Jersey to test the waters with Gov Deals. The City of Hackensack has been benefiting ever since. Once other municipalities noticed that the City of Hackensack was using the online auction, telephone calls started coming in from all over New Jersey. Ray Carnevale spoke with and met with many representatives of many different municipalities and demonstrated to them how the system works and the revenue that was coming in. If you would like to learn more about our experience with Gov Deals, contact us at 201-646-3930.


This article appeared in New Jersey Municipalities, Volume 87, Number 2, February 2010


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