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November 30, 2010


Dear Mayor:

League Conference delegates acted on 25 resolutions at the annual business meeting held during the League’s 95th Annual Conference on Friday, November 19, 2010.     

The approved resolutions cover a wide range of subjects, including calling for the removal of the current property tax exemption from housing provided by certain educational institutions to members of their administration, faculty or staff; urging for legislation to allow local governments more flexibility to impose furloughs; urging the reporting of an attempt to corrupt public officials to law enforcement authorities; and to end the diversion of municipal revenues.  In addition, a resolution honoring the distinguished service of outgoing League President James Anzaldi, Mayor of Clifton was unanimously passed. 

The resolutions were screened by the League Resolutions committee, chaired by League President and Buena Vista Mayor Chuck Chiarello on Tuesday afternoon of the conference week.    In total, 26 resolutions were considered, and ultimately 25 were approved.  

Below is the title and summary for each of the passed resolutions.   The full texts of these resolutions are available on the League’s website at

  1. Opposes any further expansion of the legal ability of state colleges and universities to expand the development of their campuses without local approvals

  2. Calling for the removal of the current property tax exemption from housing provided by not-for-profit educational institutions to members of their administration, faculty, or staff

  3. Calling for an amendment to OPRA regarding reasonable attorney fees

  4. Urging legislation to allow municipalities more flexibility imposing furloughs

  5. Resolution for an Amendment to the New Jersey Constitution to provide for an annual review of the qualifications of affordable housing unit owners

  6. Supporting the Adoption of Attorney Fee Caps on Litigation against Public Entities

  7. Resolution Supporting A Repeal of Sick Leave Injury

  8. Regarding Death of Retiree, Insured or Insured Dependent

  9. Amending N.J.S.A 40:67-7 To Mandate the Relocation of Utility Facilities When A Street or Highway Is Altered

  10. Supporting Immunity To Public Entities for Sidewalk Injuries Where the Homeowner is Responsible for Sidewalk Maintenance

  11. Resolution Supporting an Amendment to Title 59 Strengthening Weather Immunity.

  12. In support the United States FIFA World Cup Bid Committee as it competes to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 or 2022

  13. Calls for implementation of P.L.2009, c.275 immediately

  14. Calling for Tort Reform

  15. Resolution Supporting the Adoption of Legislation to Provide Immunities for Beaches, Boardwalks and Similar Property

  16. Requesting the Board of Public Utilities and the State Legislature Implement that Franchise Fees Be Paid on a Monthly Basis

  17. Resolution Directing the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to Conduct a Survey to Review Unused Surplus Water Allocation Amounts Allotted to Water Allocation Permit Holders

  18. Resolution Urging the Legislature to Adopt Legislation to Permit Municipalities to Include Sewer Bills on Municipal Tax Bills

  19. Resolution Urging Legislative Requiring Appointment of Local Representatives of Affected Municipalities to the Boards of Trustees of State Colleges and Universities

  20. Requesting and urging the adoption of legislation pertaining to the issuance of refunding bonds for loss of revenue from tax appeals.

  21. Resolution to End State Diversion of Municipal Revenues and Demand Compliance With State Laws.
  22. Supporting Water Conservation

  23. Resolution on State Pension Underfunding

  24. Resolution Urging the Reporting of Attempts to Corrupt Public Officials and Employees to Law Enforcement Authorities

  25. In Appreciation of League President James Anzaldi

Questions on these resolutions can be directed to Mike Cerra at or (609)695-3481 x120.

Very Truly Yours,


William G. Dressel,
Executive Director


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