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July 27, 2010

Re:    New Content on DLGS Web Site (7-26-10)  (PART ONE OF TWO)
Please share this information with members of the Governing body and Department Heads

Dear Mayor:

We thank the hard-working folks at the Division of Local Government Services, in the Department of Community Affairs. They’ve posted a wealth of important new information on their website. And they’ve advised us to be on the look-out, over the next couple of weeks, for new Local Finance Notices that will cover some recently enacted laws. For now, here’s the PART ONE. Tomorrow, we’ll be sending PART TWO, so that you’ll have all this crucial information in hand.

1. The Division of Taxation has begun mailing the 2009 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) checks to eligible applicants who filed by the original deadline of June 1, 2010. Reimbursements for applications filed between the original deadline of June 1 and the extended filing deadline of August 2, 2010, will be issued as quickly as possible.  Public inquiries can be made by calling 800-882-6597 or e-mail

2. CY 2010 Statements of State Aid for use in preparing CY tax bills have been posted online at  The posting includes Local Finance Notice 2010-15 ( and the certification that must be filed with the Division.  The Statements are to be used by CY 2010 municipalities that have adopted their budgets and have received their tax rates from the County Board of Taxation.  They are not to be used on estimated 3rd quarter bills; in those cases they are to appear on the final 4th quarter billing.  They are also to be used by SFY municipalities reverting to a calendar year for Transition Year 2010.  They cannot be used by CY 2010 or SFY municipalities that are planning to apply for Transitional Aid.  SFY 2011 municipal Statements will be posted later this year and are included with the 1st and 2nd quarter billing.

3. Most CY 2010/SFY 2011 State Aid Payment Recapitulation Statements have now been posted online at  Municipalities that applied for CY 2010 Transition Aid have not been posted and will be posted once aid has been allocated.  Local Finance Notice 2010-16 ( describes the Notice and provides specific details about the payment schedule.

4. Local Finance Notice 2010-17 ( announces the COLA rate for SFY 2011 budgets and the increase rate in State Health Benefit rates which will drive cap exceptions for all SFY 2011 budgets.  The COLA rate for SFY 2011 budgets is 0%, however the governing body can pass the COLA ordinance for an increase of 3.5%, which will also allow you to bank any unused cap.  There is no automatic increase to the cap base. The SHB increase is 11.6%. 

5. Spring Energy Tax Receipts Payments (SERT): For those municipalities that receive a spring Energy Tax Receipts payment, State Fiscal Year municipalities received payment on June 23, 2010 and Calendar Year municipalities received payment on July 15, 2010.

6. The State Division of Consumer Affairs wants all local units that maintain lighted athletic facilities to be aware that the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced that outdoor steel stadium light poles manufactured by Whitco Co. LP, of Fort Worth, Texas can fracture, posing a risk of serious injury or death. Additional details and photos showing the problems are online at  To reduce the risk of injury, Whitco Co. LP outdoor steel stadium light poles should be inspected immediately by a qualified professional.  If you have questions regarding this warning, contact CPSC's hotline at (800) 638-2772 or send an e-mail to  PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH APPROPRIATE MEMBERS OF YOUR ORGANIZATION.

7. Local Finance Notice 2010-14 ( describes the CY 2010/SFY 2011 Transitional Aid Program.  This new program combines three previous discretionary aid programs into a single property tax relief program for the state's most fiscally challenged municipalities. The program Application is available at  Please carefully review the Local Finance Notice to ensure the municipality meets the application criteria and files the Notice of Intent to Apply.

8. Tax Collectors are advised that the New Jersey State Tax Court will no longer be sending Tax Collectors paper copies of judgments rendered for municipalities.  Beginning June 2010, the State Tax Court website ( will be updated each month for municipalities to retrieve their information and make the appropriate adjustments to properties that have been heard by the Court. Tax Collectors will be notified through GovConnect when monthly updates are made to the Division's Tax Collector webpage and an "NJ Tax Court Report" link has been added to the GovConnect Links channel.  Questions regarding this new procedure can be directed to Pat Turin at 609-292-6858 or e-mail to

We will provide you with the rest of the new DLGS postings tomorrow. Thank you for all you do for your fellow citizens.

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director




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