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July 9, 2010

Re: Beautiful New Jersey

Dear Mayor:

We would like to let you know about a special statewide beautification campaign that the New Jersey Department of Transportation will kick off on July 19, 2010. Its goal is build civic pride and demonstrate that government – at all levels – take quality of life issues seriously even when resources are scarce.

The coordinated beautification initiative, known as Beautiful New Jersey, will focus on graffiti, litter, debris and high grass. The NJDOT is partnering with other state agencies, commissions and authorities as part of this continuing effort.

The NJDOT is aggressively seeking to enlist the support of volunteers, businesses and community organizations.  A news conference launching the campaign will be held the morning of July 19th at the site of two intersecting state roadways in northern New Jersey. Before, during and after the news conference, NJDOT crews and volunteers will be busy picking up litter, painting over graffiti, mowing grass and landscaping the area. We fully anticipate that similar activities will take place around the state. A high profile beautification blitz will last the entire week of the 19th, but the NJDOT intends to keep the effort going continuously.

You can help in several ways.

Bring to the NJDOT’s attention any state highway within your municipality that has a serious litter or graffiti problem. Send these hotspots as soon as possible to Bob DeSando, Assistant Commissioner for Government and Community Relations. You can call him at 609-530-3686 or e-mail your list to The NJDOT will catalog these sites and target them for cleanup.  An NJDOT road crew may not reach every spot during the week of July 19th, but the department will get to them as expeditiously as possible.

Another way you can help is to undertake a municipal beautification activity to supplement this statewide campaign. Bring local cleanup activities to the NJDOT’s attention and they will be recognized during the state’s public awareness campaign.

We hope you will help. If all of us work together, we can make New Jersey shine.


James S. Simpson                                            Hon. James Anzaldi
Commissioner                                                   President, New Jersey State League of Municipalities
New Jersey Department of Transportation           Mayor, Clifton City



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