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June 7, 2010

Dear Mayor:

     As you know, biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies form the engine that not only drives New Jersey’s economy, but also has significant positive economic impact on the communities where these companies resideFrom the local property taxes paid by the company, to the local commerce generated by its employees, to the philanthropic contributions made to a town’s civic and charitable organizations, municipalities derive many positive benefits from New Jersey’s life science industry.

     Mayors of towns that host such life science companies know first-hand the critical role these facilities and their employees play in supporting the local economy and the municipal budget.  Many other mayors recognize the value of attracting these companies to expand and establish facilities within their communities.

    Tip O’Neil once said, “All politics is local.”  As the United States Congress continues to discuss changes to health care policies, and our new Governor and Legislature work to tame the fiscal realities confronting our state, the life science industry is working to ensure our ability to discover new life-saving treatments and cures and our ability to remain good corporate neighbors won’t be negatively affected by well-intentioned but ill-conceived legislation.

     In order to help state and federal policy-makers understand how critical these companies are to our local communities, I’m pleased to announce that the New Jersey State League of Municipalities has created the “Mayors Committee on Life Sciences.”

     Whether you currently host a life science facility in your town, or whether you simply wish to learn more about this industry, I would be grateful if you would consider joining this committee.  I have asked John Duthie and Lucy Montgomery, State Coordinators for WeWorkForHealth (WWFH) to follow up with you regarding this request.  John can be reached at (908) 212-0333 or via email at and Lucy can be reached at (215) 766-7951. Thank you.

Mayors Committee on New Jersey Life Sciences Sign Up Form (Word / PDF)



William G. Dressel
Executive Director


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