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March 30, 2010

Re:  Two Issues
I.   New Local Finance Notices
II. Changes to the DLGS Website

Dear Mayor:

I.  New Local Finance Notices

The Division of Local Government Services recently released Local Finance Notices: 2010-9, "State Comptroller Report on Local Procurement and Fiscal Practices" and 2010-10, "Solid Waste Collection and Transportation Contractor Wage Record Keeping.”  Also recently released is a very important Notice from the Treasury Division of Public Contracts and Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance (Contract Compliance).

2010-9 provides guidance specific to agencies operating under the Local Public Contracts Law and Public School Contracts Law.  It covers the application of the State Comptroller's Best Practices recommendation for competitive contracting and other non-lowest responsible bid procurement practices.  It also highlights other guidance to local units on financial best practices.  The Notice should be read along with the Comptroller's report and practices integrated into local procurement and fiscal activities.

2010-10 provides important guidance that affects all new contracts for collection and transportation of most solid waste and recyclables.  P.L. 2009, c. 88, effective July 15, 2009, requires that these contracts include requirements for contractors to provide periodic wage reports to the contracting agency.  The law affects all government agencies.  Careful attention should be paid to it, as if affects all contracts for these services, with only a few exceptions.

The Notice from Contract Compliance affect the requirements of P.L. 2009, c.313, which requires a payment of .05% of public construction contracts over $1 million to be made to the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development to be used for construction trade training programs.  The Notice tells local governments and public schools that for the time being, c. 313 is under legal review and payments are not required.  Local Finance Notice 2010-4 has additional details on c.313.  For the time being, local units do not have to provide funding under this program.

You can find all three of these notices at  Please share these Notices with appropriate individuals in your organization.

Re: II.  Changes to the DLGS Website

The following changes have taken place on the Division of Local Government Services website.

The Division has posted CY 2010 State Aid Certifications on the web at:  Local Finance Notice
2010-8 ( goes into detail about the aid certification and policies included in Governor Christie's proposed budget.  Please share this with appropriate staff in your organization.

Very truly yours,


William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director


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