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February 9, 2010

Re: Changes to the DLG website

Dear Mayor:

The following changes have taken place on the Division of Local Government website.

1. Since the middle of 2009, the State has enacted a number of new laws that have an effect on all contracting units and boards of education covered under the Local Public Contracts Law and the Public School Contracts Law. Local Finance Notice 2010-4 (
reviews the laws and provides guidance on their implementation.  Local officials involved in the procurement process should immediately read the Notice and assess its impact on their organization.

2. CY 2010 statutory budget deadlines are extended to accommodate the planned March 16, 2010 presentation of the Governor's budget.  The changes modify the statutory dates for introduction and adoption and Mayor/Council Faulkner Act budget transmissions.  Details of all extensions, including that of cap referendums are in Local Finance Notice 2010-2 (

3. Local Finance Notice 2010-3 (
provides "Guidance on Current Issues in Local Government and Board of Education Procurement."  This Notice contains important information for contracting units operating under the Local Public Contracts Law and the Public School Contracts Law.  It should be carefully reviewed by all staff involved in local procurement policies.

4. On January 18, 2010, P.L. 2009, c. 336 was signed into law.  This law extends the expiration date of certain permits under the "Permit Extension Act of 2008," P.L. 2008, c.78, by an additional two and a half years. The law only changes the dates.  All of the other terms and conditions of the Permit Extension Act remain as they were.  Recently, the DCA Division of Codes and Standards provided guidance ( to Construction Officials on the application of the Permit Extension Act.  This information may be of value to other officials in your organization so please distribute it as appropriate.

5. Local Finance Notice 2010-5 (
outlines recent amendments to the Government Unit Deposit Protection Act made at the end of the last legislative session.  All local finance personnel should be aware of it.  No action is required at this time, and additional information will be forthcoming from the Department of Banking and Insurance.

6. Local Finance Notice 2010-1 (
addresses the annual adjustment to Length of Service Award Programs.
Similar to the change in budget caps, the Consumer Price Index for LOSAP decreased from 2008 to 2009, resulting in no increase in LOSAP CPI based award amounts for 2009 service.

9. 2010 Limits on Bid Acceptance Dates: The Division of Local Government Services has released Local Finance Notice 2009-28 (  This Notice provides guidance on dates when public bids and competitive contracts cannot be accepted and dates when they can be accepted.  Please share this information with anyone in your organization that is involved in preparing bids.

10. The New Jersey State Library has created a web site that assists New Jersey residents and businesses to help them through tough economic times. The site has a wide range of useful links that may be of assistance to local officials that are trying to assist their residents address their concerns. Local officials should keep the site handy and if appropriate, promote its use in their publications.  The site: has links and references in the following areas:

 - New Jersey Work Tools
- New Jersey Financial Tools
- New Jersey Housing Tools
- New Jersey Health Tools
- New Jersey Parental Tools
- Tools for Seniors

11. 2010 Protected Tenancy Figures: the latest per capita income and maximum eligibility income figures to be used in considering protected tenancy applications for senior and disabled citizens are now available online at  Questions may be sent to the Landlord-Tenant Information Service by e mailto:

12. The DEP Bulletin contains a list of construction permit applications recently filed or acted upon by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  The latest issue was released January 27. 2010.  This issue can be viewed online at:

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director




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