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July 8, 2016

Re: Weekly Policy Update

  1. Update On TTF,  Best Practices And Transitional Aid
  2. On The Governor’s Desk July 8, 2016
  3. One-Year Permit Extension In Sandy-Impacted Counties Signed Into Law
  4. “Transportation Network Companies” Look To Evade Local Regulation
  5. Legislative Alert: Affordable Housing “Gap” Period
  6. Are You Going To DNC Or RNC? Join NLC For Special Events!
  7. July Grant Page Posted

Dear Mayor:

I.  Update On TTF, Best Practices And Transitional Aid

The League’s Thursday July 7, Dear Mayor letter includes important updates on three significant issues that result from the Governor’s line item vetoes, Executive Orders and revisions to the State’s FY 2017 budget. Please click here for a copy of the letter. 

Contact:  Mike Cerra,, or 609-695-3481 x120

II.  On The Governor’s Desk July 8, 2016

The following bills, which the League supports, have passed both houses and await action by the Governor.  We suggest contacting the Governor’s Office and ask that he sign these bills into law.  To contact the Governor’s office, please call 609-292-6000 or click here.

  • Extension of UEZs: In our June 24 update, we mentioned A-2576/S-1080 – bills that would extend the highly successful Urban Enterprise Zone program in communities where it will sunset at the end of this year. We support this bill and have communicated that position to the Governor.

            Contact: Jon Moran,  or 609-695-3481, x121

  • Electronic Fund Transfers: A-3851/S-2033, which unanimously passed both houses, authorizes municipalities, counties, school boards, and county colleges to adopt by ordinance the use of one or more standard electronic funds transfer technologies in lieu of payment through the use of signed checks.   The ordinance would need to explicitly list the forms of standard electronic fund transfers to be used and must designate the chief financial officer to provide oversight and administration of the disbursement policy and internal controls.  The bill defines “standard electronic funds transfer technologies” to mean “technologies that facilitate the transfer of funds, other than a transaction originated by check, draft, or similar paper instrument, initiated by means such as, but not limited to, an electronic terminal, telephone, or computer or magnetic tape for the purpose of ordering, instructing, or authorizing a financial institution to debit or credit an account, and incorporate, at a minimum, internal controls set forth in regulations promulgated by the Local Finance Board.”

      Contact: Lori Buckelew,  or 609-695-3481, x112.

  • Stock Disclosure Form: A-3540/S-2310, which unanimously passed both houses, addresses the use of the Stock Disclosure Form for limited liability companies and publicly trade entities. For publicly traded entities they will be required to submit the name and address of each person holding 10% or more interest in the company using the last annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (or foreign equivalent).  The entity must submit the website link containing the last annual filing and the relevant page number of the filing that contains the information.

      Contact: Lori Buckelew,  or 609-695-3481, x112.

  • Moving of School Board Elections:  A-3728/S-2099 which creates a two year moratorium on moving the date of Type II school districts annual school election from day of general election in November back to the third Tuesday in April and also creates a study commission. This bill would temporarily close a loophole in the existing law that allows for school districts to move their elections from April to November and then, after a certain period of time, move them back.

      Contact: Ed Purcell,  or 609-695-3481, x137.

III. One-Year Permit Extension In Sandy-Impacted Counties Signed Into Law

Fast-tracked legislation, A3617/S-2390 advanced quickly and has already been signed into law as PL 2016, c. 14.  This new law extends the "Permit Extension Act of 2008," (NJSA 40:55D-136.1 et seq.), for an additional one year in the Superstorm Sandy-impacted counties. The nine Superstorm Sandy-impacted counties are defined as Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, and Union counties.  For more, please see our June 24 update.   

Contact:  Mike Cerra, or 609-695-3481 x120.

IV. “Transportation Network Companies” Look To Evade Local Regulation

In our June 3 update, we brought to your attention bills (S-2179/A-3695) that would preempt local regulation of certain ride-for-hire businesses. This legislation, which we oppose, was scheduled for a floor vote in the Senate last week. However, no vote was taken.

For years, the ride-for-hire companies, known as Uber and Lyft, have sought freedom from any local registration and regulation requirements. Toward that end, they have sought State preemption of municipal authority. Though the two bills differ in certain aspects, both would exempt these, so called, transportation network companies from any local regulation. All fees would be payable to the State.

The manner in which the service is dispatched and provided does not materially alter the responsibilities that local governments will bear. Nor will the manner of dispatch obviate the concerns of local elected officials in ensuring the public’s legitimate interests in public safety. Further, enactment of this bill could motivate traditional taxi and limousine businesses to, similarly, avoid local over-sight, by a change to their business models – requiring users to contact them with smart phones. That, in turn, could make it more difficult for older residents and for the economically disadvantaged to access transportation alternatives. On that basis, absent deletion of the preemption provisions, the League of Municipalities cannot support this legislation.

Action on the legislation was delayed, pending a resolution of dispute regarding whether or not drivers for these companies would be subject to finger-printing. Once that is settled, we expect fast action on the issue.

Please contact your legislators, urging them to consider the fact that since 1917, in order to protect prospective passengers and the general public, and to preserve order, municipalities have been empowered by statute to license and regulate ride-for-hire businesses. Throughout that period, in order to protect the public, local governing bodies have been responsive to concerns raised by passengers, pedestrians, local merchants and other motorists. Local first responders have attended to accidents. While no level of regulation is perfect, municipalities have clearly demonstrated their effectiveness in this area for close to 100 years.

Contact: Jon Moran,  or 609-695-3481, x121.

V.  Legislative Alert: Affordable Housing “Gap” Period

We again call your attention to Senate bill S-2254 and Assembly Bill A-3821.    The League supports this important legislation, which will facilitate municipal compliance and result in the production of affordable housing.   Please click here for the League’s Dear Mayor Advisory of May 26, which summarizes the legislation and provides links to a sample resolution.  Your immediate attention on this issue is needed in order to advance this timely and needed legislation.

Contact: Mike Cerra, or 609-695-3481, x120

VI. Are You Going To DNC Or RNC? Join NLC For Special Events!

To ensure that the issues important to municipalities are first in mind, with the Republican and Democratic nominees for president, the National League of Cities is traveling to Cleveland and Philadelphia this July for the national political conventions. At both events NLC will be hosting an infrastructure briefing and a networking reception for local officials and would like to invite you to attend!
If you're going as a delegate to either convention, please fill out this form and you will be the first to know about NLC's activities and speaker announcements in the coming weeks!

For questions around NLC's activities in Cleveland, please contact Angelina Panettieri at

For questions about Philadelphia, please contact Emma Lieberth

VII. July Grant Page Posted

A new featured article has been posted in the League’s Grant Resource Center. 

This month’s article is titled: Why Focus on Reducing Rainwater Runoff Instead of Costly Sewer Upgrades. New featured grant opportunities have also been listed. To read this month’s featured article, visit the League’s Grant Resource Center.

Contact: Taran Samhammer, or 609-695-3481 x124


Michael J. Darcy, CAE
Executive Director



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