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December 9, 2015

Re:  Legislative Alert

Assembly Housing Committee to Hear Bill on Reinstating Municipal Authority to Annually Inspect Residential Rental Properties

Dear Mayor:

A-4764, a bill to reinstate municipal authority to annual inspect residential rental properties, has been introduced and will be reviewed by the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee tomorrow.   The bill is sponsored by Assemblyman John Burzichelli.   This is a necessary and important power of local government. Please call the members of this committee and indicate your support for this important legislation.

By way of background, due to a recent Appellate Division decision, Timber Glen v. Township of Hamilton, municipalities may no longer be able to annually inspect residential rentals leased for more than 175 days. An overview of this decision can be found here.

Local government’s inability to regularly inspect most residential units raises serious health and safety issues for local residents. And while some larger units are subject to the Hotel and Multiple Dwellings Law (HMDL) inspection every five years, all smaller units are not. Also, experience has proved that health and safety issues can arise, even in larger units, between mandated HMDL inspections. Thus, Timber Glen raises concerns as to the ability of local government to keep residents safe within their own homes. This bill will resolve those important concerns.

Please contact the members of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee today indicating your support for A-4764.

 Hon. Jerry Green, Chair                                Hon. Mila Jasey, Vice Chair
Assemblyman, District 21                             Assemblywoman, District 27
Phone:  (908) 561-5757                                  Phone: (973) 762-1886                          

 Hon. Robert D. Clifton                                  Hon. Jamel C. Holley
Assemblyman, District 12                             Assemblyman, District 20
Phone: (732) 446-3408                                   (908) 624-0880                         

 Hon. Jason O’Donnell                                   Hon. Maria Rodriguez-Gregg
Assemblyman, District 31                             Assemblywoman, District 8
Phone: (201) 436-0961                                   Phone: (609) 654-1498                    

A senate companion, S-3277, sponsored by Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, will be reviewed by the Senate State Government Committee on Monday, December 14th.  Please contact the members of this Committee indicating your support for S-3277.

 Hon. Jim Whelan, Chair                                Hon. Shirley Turner, Vice Chair
Senator, District 2                                          Senator, District 15
Phone:  (609) 383-1388                                  Phone: (609) 323-7239                         

 Hon. Peter J. Barnes                                     Hon. Steven V. Oroho
Senator, District 18                                        Senator, District 24
Phone:  (732) 548-1406                                  Phone:  (973) 300-0200                           

Hon. Samuel D. Thompson
Senator, District 12
Phone:  (732) 607-7580


Michael J. Darcy, CAE
Executive Director


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