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October 1, 2015

Re:  Additional Information/Resources Related to State of Emergency and Hurricane Joaquin

Dear Mayor,

This is an update on our earlier correspondence, which included notice of the Governor’s Declaration of a State of Emergency in anticipation of the nor’easter and Hurricane Joaquin.  (For a copy of the League’s letter of October 1, please click here. )

For a copy of the Governor’s Executive Order, please click here

This afternoon the Division of Local Government Services issued Local Finance Notice 2015-21, which informs impacted municipalities of relevant post-storm financing and procurement matters.  The notice outlines the process to appropriate and expend funds as well as the purchasing of goods and services in response to weather related emergencies.   Three points in the notice we would like to bring to your attention:

1. In anticipation of the storm, the Division of Purchase and Property has updated their list of New Jersey State contracts that could be useful to recovery efforts, and which have been extended to cooperative purchasing participants.  The list, which is subject to change, is available at

2.  As a reminder, in 2014 the “snow removal reserve” was changed to “storm recovery reserve”.  As such, municipalities and counties can now utilize funds in their snow removal reserves for any purposes relating to storm recovery after current budget appropriations utilized for that purpose have been expended.  Please note that municipalities and counties need not have had a “snow removal reserve” in order to establish a “storm recover reserve” but must establish the fund by resolution. 

3.  The Division advises about the reimbursement of overtime for elected officials or senior management.

A copy of the Local Finance Notice is available at

The State Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is in close communication with the County OEMs in preparation for the nor’easter and Joaquin. County OEMs, in turn, are communicating with the local offices.      Additional information, including how to prepare an emergency plan and kit, is available on the Office of Emergency Management website at Other resources are available at
The League is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to provide updates.

Very truly yours,

Timothy McDonough,

Past President, NJLM and Chair, League Emergency Management Task Force

Mayor, Hope Township





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