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September 4, 2015

RE:     Weekly Policy Update 

I.        Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) Facts to share with Assembly candidates
II.       President Proclaims September 2015 as National Preparedness Month
III.     FEMA September 15 Sandy damage claim deadline approaching

Municipal Clerk: Please forward a copy to all Governing Body Members

Dear Mayor:

Here is a brief recap of some policy issues of interest:

I.Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) Facts to share with Assembly Candidates

Come November, voters will be asked to elect the individuals who will serve in the State General Assembly for the next two years. Candidates for those offices will be campaigning throughout your districts during the months of September and October. It is important for those candidates to be aware of the issues that are vital to New Jersey municipal officials and property taxpayers.
This year, the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund is living on borrowed time; State, County and Municipal transportation projects are relying on borrowed money, which will only get us through the next ten months. As a result, long-term transportation planning, which is absolutely essential to our State’s and your municipality’s economic well-being, will have to wait.
For a fuller understanding of the need for Transportation Trust Fund action, please click here.

Contact:  Jon Moran, 609-695-3481 x121 or

II.    President Proclaims September 2015 as National Preparedness Month

On Monday, President Obama signed an official Proclamation declaring September 2015 to be National Preparedness Month.  The Proclamation notes:

Every year, communities across our country face emergencies -- from unforeseen natural disasters to deliberate acts -- that test our Nation's grit and challenge us to overcome tragedy.  While my Administration is working to keep all Americans safe, each of us can do our part.  Together, we can protect our families and help our communities by planning for emergencies and for the unexpected.  Every September, we celebrate our Nation's spirit of resilience by rededicating ourselves to the important task of being prepared in the face of any crisis.
…  By discussing with our families, friends, and neighbors how we will protect ourselves and our communities, we can contribute to and share in a stronger, more resilient society.  The theme of this year's National Preparedness Month is "Don't Wait.  Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today."  This month, I encourage all Americans to bolster their readiness in the event of a crisis.  To learn more about the disasters common to where you live, the resources available in your area, and how to prepare, visit or
… On September 30th, people from cities and towns in all corners of our Nation will join with the Federal Government to take action as part of America's PrepareAthon!  I urge Americans to make a plan and participate in this important opportunity to increase their own preparedness.  During National Preparedness Month, let us all renew our commitment to ready ourselves, our families, and our communities for any challenge.

To learn more about America’s PrepareAthon! visit
Contact:  Jon Moran, 609-695-3481 x121 or

III. FEMA: September 15th, Sandy damage claim deadline approaching

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently issued a reminder that those who filed Sandy-related claims under the National Flood Insurance Program have until Tuesday, September 15 to request a review of their claims if they believe they were underpaid.

To be eligible, the claimants must have experienced flood damage between October 27th, and November 6th 2012, as a result of Sandy. Policyholders can call the NFIP’s Hurricane Sandy claims center at 1-866-337-4262 or go to to download a form requesting a review. The downloaded form may be filled out and emailed to to start the review process.

For more information click here


Michael J. Darcy, CAE
Executive Director



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