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June 18, 2015

Re: Status Report on Addressing the “Roadmap to Resolution”

Dear Mayor:

This is a follow-up to our status report of May 5

Yesterday we sent all mayors a report  prepared by Dr. Raphael Caprio, in partnership between the League and the New Jersey School Boards Association, which you may use to assess the impact of having local boards of education assume part or all current and/or previously unfunded or underfunded employer contributions of the Teachers Annuity Pension Fund (TPAF), which is currently a State obligation.

That proposal to shift costs from the State to the local level is contained in the Roadmap to Resolution report published by the Governor’s Pension and Health Benefit Study Commission.  The Commission’s report and subsequent comments from Commission members include assertions about offsetting cost savings achievable through the use of their recommendations.  After repeated requests over the past months, we have not received the data that underlies the assertions made in the Commission report and statements.

The League and School Boards Association have shared the findings of our joint study with the Commission members and again requested they send us the data they are using to make their assertions.  A copy of our written request to the Commission Chair is available at

We want to assure you we are continuing to diligently follow-up and get you the full information necessary to assess any proposals and assertions surrounding this important issue which may impact local property taxes.

The League is continuing to research and gather information in an effort to understand potential for savings related to the true costs and structures of health benefits.  If your municipality has not done so already, please complete the following survey on your medical coverage:
For municipalities participating in State Health Benefits Plan   

For municipalities not participating in the State Health Benefits Plan

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director



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