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May 6, 2015

RE: NJWELL 2015: Healthy Rewards for Employers too!

Dear Mayor:

We’ve been asked to let you know that the focus of Year 2 for the NJWELL wellness program for members of the State Health Benefits Program’s (SHBP) is to encourage members to “take action” by knowing their current health status and to engage in additional activities to take another step toward healthy living.

As participating employers in the SHBP, many municipalities can play a critical role by taking action and encouraging their employees to participate. When you promote NJWELL to your employees you are also helping your municipality, all savings realized by NJWELL will be reflected in future SHBP premiums. During 2015, Local Government employers whose participants meet specific point thresholds will receive a 1% reduction on their SHBP premiums the following calendar year. This premium reduction starts in 2016 and will translate into savings for each employer with a high number of employees participating in the program.

Employees earn greater rewards in 2015! Year 2 focuses on helping participants understand their current health status, but new for this year, they can participate in activities and the reward is even greater. When employees and covered spouse/partner take action, they can each earn up to $200 in rewards!

This year, in order to obtain an initial Visa® prepaid $100 reward card, employees and their spouses/partners will need to earn 300 points. Employees who earn 400 points will earn an additional $50 in a second reward card or earn an additional $100 in a second reward card for 500 points. All points must be earned by October 31, 2015.

Like last year, participation in two preventative health activities is required: a Biometric Screening (100 points) and a Health Assessment (150 points). In order to obtain the additional points needed for rewards employees can engage in activities such as chatting by phone with a disease management coach (if deemed eligible), getting a flu shot, participate in online coaching, have an age/gender appropriate screening (annual well visit, mammogram, pap test, colon cancer screening, or prostate screening) or by completing up to 150 points in online activities. Online activities can include receiving general nutrition advice, tracking your fitness, or taking steps towards meeting a health goal.

Take Action to Make Year 2 a Success

  • Your Wellness Champion’s role is so important and an integral part of making NJWELL a success. Your champion should be colleague who is passionate about health and wellness, comfortable encouraging people to participate, and can help you promote NJWELL. Wellness Champions are urged to contact the NJWELL team for support if they have any questions or want to share an idea for the program via e-mail to:  
  • Encourage your employees (and their covered spouses or partners) to participate. Your support of NJWELL is important in maximizing participation. To realize the full potential of this program, your employees (and their covered spouses/partners) must participate.
  • Set an example. Your participation in the program sets a positive example for your employees.
  • Using promotional materials. Promotional materials will be provided to your location’s Certifying Officer and your Wellness Champion. Please be sure they distribute and post materials to help advertise the program.
  • All personal health information is private. Employees should be reminded that all Biometric Screening, Health Assessment, and personal health information is confidentially collected and stored by the participant’s health plan (either Aetna or Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey).The results are provided only to the participant; by law, and not shared with an employer.
  • Become a “friend” of NJWELL and “like” us on Facebook.
    Encourage your Champion and employees to visit our Facebook page (user name: njwellnessprogram) for regular posts about the program, events, and healthy living tips.

Thank you for your help in supporting NJWELL! Be sure to look out for our e-mails at work and your home mailbox for our mailers.

This is just an overview of Year 2 for NJWELL and the advantages to both you and your employees. Plan overviews, announcements, information about free biometric screenings, and much more about NJWELL is available at:

We hope you find this useful.

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director


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