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March 24, 2015

RE:  League President, Mayor Wahler, Discusses Municipal Issues with
Assembly Budget Committee

Dear Mayor:

Today in Trenton, Piscataway Mayor and League of Municipalities President Brian Wahler appeared before the Assembly Budget Committee to discuss Governor Christie’s proposed State Budget. His remarks focused on the Transportation Trust Fund, the Pension and Benefit Commission’s Roadmap to Resolution and the status of municipal property tax relief funding.

Speaking on behalf of all New Jersey Mayors, concerning transportation infrastructure funding, Mayor Wahler noted:

On June 30, it isn’t a pot hole that awaits the New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund. It is the end of the road. We have known this day was coming for well over a year. There have been public hearings. There have been press conferences. There have been editorials in the newspapers and interviews on radio and TV. It is frustrating to local officials to know that there has been no agreement on a sustainable solution to the problem.

On the Pension and Benefit Study Commission “Roadmap to Resolution” recommendation to divert local health benefit savings to address State pension funding shortfalls, Mayor Wahler stated, “Local savings could be used to deliver local property tax relief. As the stewards of the property taxpayer’s contribution to the common good, local elected officials have a responsibility to object to any proposal to divert those resources to any other purpose.” 

On general property tax relief funding, Mayor Wahler said, “We urge you, again, to acknowledge that the time has come to begin to restore to local budgets the millions in property tax relief that continue to be annually diverted to meet State needs.”

You can access the complete text of President Wahler’s testimony on our website at

We will keep you posted on all State Budget news and developments, as we progress towards the June 30 deadline for final action. And we will discuss these matters in depth during our free webinar. For information on how you can participate in that, visit

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director



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