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October 14, 2014


Dear Mayor:

At the request of William Kramer, Jr., Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety, in the Department of Community Affairs and State Fire Marshal, here is a reminder concerning RECOMMENDED FIRE STATION PRECAUTIONS DURING ELECTION.

As you know November 4, 2014 is a statewide election day. As many fire stations are utilized as polling places during elections, the Division of Fire Safety is providing the following recommendations to ensure security.

 If the area to be used for voting is not on the apparatus bay floor, ensure that access is restricted to the apparatus. If this is not possible consider stationing a uniformed firefighter in the area to prevent access.

 If the area to be used for voting is on the apparatus bay floor remove all preplans, keys to buildings, access pad numbers, portables radio’s, etc. or otherwise ensure that these items are secured from the public. Turnout gear, uniforms, etc., should be moved to an area not accessible to the public.

 Remove all bulletins, security notices of a non-public nature, telephone rosters of membership, radio frequency listings, SOP/SOG’s, etc. from public view.

 If apparatus must be left outside a uniformed firefighter should be assigned to the station for the hours of polling operation. If this is not possible, the local police should be made aware that the apparatus is not secured and request extra patrol of the fire station. In addition, items such as preplans, keys to buildings, access pad numbers, portables radio’s, etc., must be removed and secured.

 Consider coordinating with neighboring fire departments to share members who can roam from station to station in lieu of every department attempting to man their individual station(s).

 Inform the poll workers what areas are open to them and the public and what areas are not. Provide them with emergency numbers should there be a problem.

These are some general precautions. Certainly there are others that will be specific to your department’s situation. Assess your stations and take whatever precautions you can to avert

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director



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