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February 25, 2014

Re: New Content on DLGS Web Site

Dear Mayor:

The State’s Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) yesterday distributed the following useful information to those who subscribe to the DLGS News service.

You can stay "connected" to recent developments in New Jersey state government and check our Continuing Education Course Calendar online at: DLGS encourages you to explore upcoming educational opportunities in the areas of local government finance, clerk/administration, tax collection and ethics.

1. CY2014 Municipal Levy Cap Referendum Procedures

For municipal officials considering a referendum to exceed either the 2% levy cap or the 2% appropriations cap, Local Finance Notice 2014-3 ( provides specific instruction and direction to those municipalities operating on a calendar year.  If municipal officials are considering a levy cap referendum, this Notice should be reviewed immediately by those involved in budget preparation or elections.

2. Integrity Monitoring Act

On May 30, 2013 all local governments and state authorities were informed of their responsibilities under PL 2013, ch. 37 (Integrity Oversight Monitor Act - "the Act"). The purpose of this correspondence is to update and remind you about your responsibilities under the act.  Specifically, governmental entities are required to notify the State Treasurer of any Superstorm Sandy recovery and rebuilding contract involving consideration of $5M or more.

Further, the Act gives the Treasurer discretion on contracts below the $5M threshold and the department has reduced the notification requirement to contracts in excess of $2M. To comply with the Act, if your local government unit intends to enter into or already has entered into any recovery or rebuilding contract in excess of $2M, you are required to complete a Sandy Recovery and Rebuilding Contract Notification Form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and are encouraged to review the materials on the website:

3. January 2014 Tax Court Judgment List

The State Tax Court has updated their website with the new report for January 2014.  It should be noted that you will need to reach out to your town attorney and/or assessor for copies of any stipulations that may have been taken into consideration for these judgments as they will not be listed on the report itself.  Copies of prior reports can be retrieved online at  For questions, please email Pat Turin at or call her at 609-292-6858.

4. 2013 Table of Equalized Value Amended per Tax Court

A copy of the 2013 Table of Equalized Valuations as Amended by the Tax Court of New Jersey has been posted to the Municipal Clerks Document Library.  The Division of Taxation is required by law to distribute copies of this Table to the Commissioner of Education, Municipal Clerks of each municipality and the County Tax Administrators of each County Board of Taxation, as per P.L.
1954, Chapter 86, N.J.S.A. 54:1-35.1 and N.J.S.A. 54:51 A-4(c).  For questions please e-mail or call 609-633-1287.

5. Levy Cap Bank Reports

The municipal levy cap bank reports are now available on the DLGS website under fiscal reports.  The link to the reports screen is  For questions, please email or call (609) 292-4806.


1. Review of Budget and Audit Updates

The New Jersey League of Municipalities will be hosting a webinar on February 28, 2014 titled "A Quick Review of Budget and Audit Updates."  At this webinar, attendees will: review recent Local Finance Notices from the Division of Local Government Services, get an update on CY 2014 budget issues, review current levy cap requirements and review current issues affecting finance officers.  Program details and registration are available at

2. Budget, Ethics and Procurement Seminar

The New Jersey League of Municipalities will be hosting a seminar on March 4, 2014 at the Conference Center at Mercer in West Windsor.  At this seminar, attendees will receive important information from the Division of Local Government Services regarding "Budget, Ethics, and Procurement Updates."  Program details and registration are available at

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director


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