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January 22, 2014

RE: Legislative Recap, Governor takes action on legislation

Dear Mayor,

As we reported in our January 14 Dear Mayor ( Governor Christie had until 12 noon yesterday (Tuesday) to act on legislation passed within the last 10 days of the 215th Legislature.    Bills which were not signed are deemed “pocket vetoed” and do not become law.

To summarize, there were 16 bills passed in the closing days of the 215th Legislature that the League took an active position.   Of these 16, the League supported 11 and opposed 5.    Of the 11 the League supported, 8 were signed into law and 3 were pocket vetoed.   All five of the bills opposed by the League were pocket vetoed.

The Governor signed into law the following bills supported by the League:

A-266 - Requires, for roof mounted solar photovoltaic systems, identifying emblem on certain structures, and fire department notification for all structures. (Staff contact: Michael Cerra)
A-1273 - Requires SHBP and joint insurance funds, which provide health insurance, to provide claims experience to participating public employers within 60 days of written request at no cost every 2 years. (Staff contact: Lori Buckelew)
A-1521 - Modifies process for contested case hearings by OAL with regard to telephone and video conferences, delegation of final decision authority, oral decisions, checklist decisions, electronic filings, and settlements. (Staff contact: Jon Moran)
A-3254 - Permits municipal court to order certain offenders to perform community service in lieu of payment of penalty. (Staff contact: Jon Moran)
A-3362 - Exempts certain properties acquired by municipalities from county, school, and fire district taxes immediately upon acquisition. (Staff contact: Lori Buckelew)
A-3764 - Permits counties and municipalities to use snow removal reserve funds for clearance of debris following declaration of emergency by President or Governor. (Staff contact: Mike Cerra or Lori Buckelew.)   This bill resulted from a League conference resolution (2012-19) and we thank the sponsors of the bill, Assemblymen Ron Dancer, Upendra Chivukula and Senator Jeff Van Drew as well as the Governor for their support.
S-124 – Prohibits certain advertising on real property and structures without prior permission of owner. (Staff contact: Michael Cerra)
S-2271 - Clarifies that a single State college may enter into a joint purchasing agreement with other contracting units. (Staff contact: Lori Buckelew)

The Governor “pocket vetoed” the following bills opposed the League.

A-3359 – Concerns registration of contractors and sets criteria for responsible bidders in public work.  The League expressed concern that the definition of “responsible bidder” in the Prevailing Wage Act could conflict with the Local Public Contracts Law. (Staff contact: Lori Buckelew)
A-3783 – Concerns disclosure and reimbursement procedures for municipal and board of education employee health benefit contracts.  The League expressed its concern that this would constitute an unfunded mandate. (Staff contact: Lori Buckelew)
A-4193 – Requires certain police vehicles to be equipped with video cameras. While we appreciate the legislative intent, the League expressed concern that this would constitute an unfunded mandate. (Staff contact: Jon Moran)
S-436 – Expands DNA database to require samples from disorderly persons.  Again, while we appreciate the intent of the bill, we expressed concern that the funding to cover this new mandate was insufficient. (Staff contact: Jon Moran)
S-1682 – Permits registered voters to receive mail-in ballots automatically for all elections, under certain conditions.  The League was concerned that this could allow for fraudulent voting and impose a cumbersome administrative burden on County Clerks. (Staff contact: Ed Purcell)

The Governor also pocket vetoed the following bills, which were supported by the League:

A-329 - Authorizes prescribed burning in certain circumstances. (Staff contact: Michael Cerra)
A-1588 - Requires DCA to establish procedures for inspection and abatement of mold hazards in residential buildings and school facilities, certification programs for mold inspectors and mold hazard abatement workers. (Staff contact: Michael Cerra)
A-3898 - Authorizes municipalities to finance water conservation, storm shelter construction, and flood and hurricane resistance projects. (Staff contact: Lori Buckelew)

We express our thanks to those who reached out this past week to the Governor’s Office to offer their thoughts on these bills.  To contact your League staff, call 609-695-3481 and: for Michael Cerra, ext. 120 (or; for Lori Buckelew, ext. 112 (or; for Ed Purcell, ext. 137 (or; and for Jon Moran, ext. 121 (or

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director


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