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March 14, 2013

RE: No-Cost Technical Assistance to Communities Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Dear Mayor:

Global Green USA is a nonprofit environmental organization responding to Hurricane Sandy with several efforts, including supporting grassroots citizen efforts to shape reconstruction in a more sustainable way, donating solar panels to increase resiliency during future storms, and supporting comprehensive sustainable neighborhood planning efforts to create cohesive places built to last.

In collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Global Green USA has opened a special application period for our Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment assistance specifically for communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This free assistance is being provided under Global Green’s grant from the US EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities’ Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program. This is an opportunity to access a team of experts who will help create a plan for a specific site or neighborhood that could then serve as a catalyst or model for broader community-wide rebuilding. The result will be a more resilient community that addresses the challenges posed by sea level rise, storm surge, storm intensity, and climate change.

Eligibility and Selection Process

At least two communities will be selected for assistance in 2013. Eligible applicants are local governments, county governments, regional planning organizations or similar public agencies located in counties in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Rhode Island that:

-Have received a major disaster declaration from FEMA as a result of Hurricane Sandy;

-Are exploring opportunities to promote sustainability and increase resiliency in their recovery and rebuilding efforts; and

-Have considered or are in the process of considering changes to land use or street patterns during the process of rebuilding that will make their community more sustainable and resilient.

How it Works: Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment

Through a three day intensive visit and consultation, the Global Green USA team will evaluate how a specific neighborhood impacted by Hurricane Sandy can be replanned to promote smart growth and create a more sustainable, resilient community. The team will conduct an assessment of existing conditions including the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, consult with community stakeholders in meetings and a public workshop and identify major opportunities to improve neighborhood sustainability.

Prior to this visit, the team will conduct an extensive review of prior plans, neighborhood form, the pattern of adjacent or existing development and future development constraints.

At the conclusion of the visit the team will present recommendations for both physical and policy changes that may include street reconfiguration, ecological restoration, integrated energy and water infrastructure, and standards and incentives for mixed-use and transit-oriented development. Suggestions for revisions to the community’s hazard mitigation, land use plan, and zoning code to support these recommendations may also be made. All of the recommendations will be based on the nationally recognized and peer-reviewed best practices contained in LEED-ND, adapted specifically for post-disaster situations by Global Green USA.

APPLICATIONS DUE: APRIL 30, 2013 at 6 p.m. PST

For more information visit

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director




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