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January 18, 2013

Re:      Federal Aid Available for Local Governments Community Disaster Loan Program
Deadline to notify the Division of Local Government Services is February 1, 2013

Dear Mayor:

The Division of Local Government Services (the Division) has issued Local Finance Notice 2013-8 advising that Federal Aid is available to help municipalities experiencing at least a 5% revenue loss due to Sandy.  The Community Disaster Loan Program, run by FEMA, provides budget relief for municipalities that are experiencing, or are projected to experience, revenue losses greater than 5% of annual collections due to the impacts of Sandy.  Applicants for assistance must be able to reasonably project annual revenue loss from sources including, but not limited to, property taxes as a result of ratable loss; beach or parking fees due to lesser use; sewer or water billing due to disruption in service; court fees and fines due to lessened activity; if applicable, local taxes due to actual or anticipated decreases in occupancy; and any other revenue sources impacted by Sandy.

The Division is encouraging all local governments experiencing, or reasonably projected to experience, such revenue losses to apply for the funding so federal assistance can be included in their budgets to maintain essential services while revenue sources are being rebuilt.

Each local government (municipalities, counties, fire districts, authorities and special taxing districts) that can reasonably demonstrate a greater than 5% actual or projected loss of annual revenue and are interested in applying must notify the Division by February 1, 2013.  Each entity will need to file a separate application.  Please send an e-mail to the Division’s Community Disaster Loan Coordinator, Jason Martucci, at with the e-mail heading of “Community Disaster Loan”.  In the body of the e-mail please identify the interested applicant, a primary contact with phone and e-mail address, and the CFO (or CFO equivalent) name and contact information. 

The Division will provide additional information to potential applicants and arrange for a meeting with appropriate federal officials and representative of the Division.  It is extraordinarily important that the Division be notified as State endorsement of the application is required and the Division’s approval will be needed to include federal assistance as revenue in budgets.

Please share this information with your county, fire district, authorities and special taxing districts as appropriate.

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director




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