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December 11, 2012

Re: League Approves 17 Resolutions

Dear Mayor,

On Wednesday, December 5 seventeen resolutions, articulating legislative and policy priorities for the League of Municipalities, were adopted at the Annual Business meeting.

Earlier that same day, the League Resolutions Committee screened the resolutions and made its recommendations. The Committee was scheduled to meet as part of the League’s Annual Conference in November but was postponed due to the cancellation of the Conference.

The Committee chaired by newly elected League President Janice S. Mironov, Mayor of East Windsor Township, screened twenty resolutions, recommending seventeen and tabling three.  

Below is a summary of the resolutions. The full text of each resolution is also available on the League’s website (click here).

Resolution No. 2012-01, A Resolution on Hurricane Sandy

Resolution No. 2012-02, Resolution on Plea Bargaining in Municipal Courts

Resolution No. 2012 – 03, Resolution Urging the Creation of Legislation to Permit a “Do Not Solicit” List for Accident Victims

Resolution No. 2012 – 04, Supporting Sustainable State Funding for preservation and Stewardship of Open Space, Parks, Farmland and Historic Sites in New Jersey

Resolution No. 2012-05, Resolution Calling on the Department of Environmental Protection to Amend its Waiver Rule to Require That Applicants Provide Notice to Affected Municipalities

Resolution No. 2012-06, Resolution Expressing Support for the Continued Tax Exemption for Municipal Bonds

Resolution No. 2012-08, Resolution Urging the State Legislature to Extend the 2% Cap on Police and Fire Arbitration Contract Awards

Resolution No. 2012-09, A Resolution on State Mandates

Resolution No. 2012-11, Resolution for an Amendment to the Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”) to Protect the Personal Information and Privacy of Citizens

Resolution No. 2012-12, Resolution Requesting a State-Wide Veterans’ Treatment Court Program

Resolution No. 2012-14, Resolution In Support of Workforce Investment Act Funding

Resolution No. 2012-15, Resolution Calling for a Bipartisan, Balanced Plan to Reduce the Federal Deficit and Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

Resolution No. 2012-16, Resolution Calling for a Comprehensive Federal Transportation Policy

Resolution No. 2012-17, Resolution Seeking Equitable Tax Treatment for Main Street Merchants

Resolution No. 2012-18, Resolution Supporting the Tax Exemption for Totally Disabled Veterans and Calling for the State and Federal Governments to Assist in the Funding of this Exemption

Resolution No. 2012-19, Expand the Use of the Snow Removal Trust Funds to Respond to Natural Disasters

Resolution No. 2012-20, In Appreciation of League President Arthur Ondish, Mayor of Mount Arlington Borough

The League will be reaching out to the Administration and the Legislature to seek their assistance to turn these resolutions into public policy. 

Questions or comments on these resolutions can be directed to Mike Cerra at or (609) 695-3481 x120.

Very truly yours,

The Hon. Janice S. Mironov,                          William G. Dressel, Jr,
President, League of Municipalities               Executive Director, League of Municipalities
Mayor, East Windsor Township




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