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July 26, 2011

Re:  Woodbridge Township will again host the 2011 New Jersey Senior Olympic Games

At the request of Mayor John McCormac, Woodbridge I am forwarding you an invitation to this year’s New Jersey Senior Olympic Games.

Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director

Dear Mayor:

I am extremely proud to announce that Woodbridge Township will again host the 2011 New Jersey Senior Olympic Games this coming September 9, 10, and 11.  While last year’s games were tremendously successful, we are convinced that the 2011 games will be even more exciting and well-attended.  That’s why I’m sending you this personal invitation – and challenge – to reach out to your Senior community to encourage participation and attendance in the upcoming New Jersey Senior Olympics. One sure way to ensure participation in the 2011 Senior Olympic games is through a sponsorship lottery.  Why not sponsor 20 Senior residents to participate in the Olympic games by picking up a portion of the registration fee…  In Woodbridge, we are offering Township Senior athletes and Olympic contenders a special incentive to participate in the Senior Olympic games… we will pay $20.00 toward the $25.00 General Registration fee for those Senior’s who register before Aug. 26 - that means the Senior athlete will pay just $5.00 to participate and compete in up to three Olympic events. 

While sponsoring a group of Senior athletes is a great way to ensure community representation in the statewide games, we recognize that current financial constraints may not allow you to “sponsor” your Senior athletes.  However, you can certainly reach out to your Senior community to encourage participation in the upcoming games.  Please have your Division on Aging, Health Department, or appropriate municipal agency “spread-the-word”… and the registration form… to your Senior community.  At the same time, you can add the New Jersey Senior Olympic games as a qualifying program for the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign – sponsored by the New Jersey League of Municipalities and the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute.  

Did You Know?  The Senior Olympic games feature 16 sporting events geared to senior competition ~ Archery, Basketball (foul shooting/accuracy and ‘3 on 3’), Billiards, Bocce, Bowling, Cycling, Darts, Fencing, Golf, Horseshoes, Racquetball, Team Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis or Track & Field.  As importantly, the New Jersey Senior Olympics is a member of the National Senior Games Association which sponsors alternate year Senior Olympic games at venues across the country.  Perhaps Senior athletes from your town will qualify for the next national games in 2013.

So… let’s get the word out…  New Jersey Senior athletes needed to compete in the 2011Senior Olympic Games!!!  For more information about the 2011 New Jersey Senior Olympics, go to: or; call the New Jersey Senior Olympic Headquarters at 973-618-1111; or contact Woodbridge Township Senior Olympic Chairpersons Pat Trombetta at 732-636-3910 or Frank St. Marie at 732- 636-9439. 

On behalf of the New Jersey Senior Olympic Committee and New Jersey’s Senior athletes, volunteers and sponsors, thanks for your support of the 2011 New Jersey Senior Olympic games.  I hope to see you and your town’s Senior athletes at the September 10 Opening Ceremonies at the Woodbridge Community Center.

Best Regards,


John E. McCormac, Mayor
Woodbridge Township



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