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Re: COAH 3rd Round Cost Survey


Dear Mayor:

In anticipation of legislation to reform the Fair Housing Act, the League is conducting an analysis of the costs of COAH preparing and adopting a housing element and fair share plan and petitioning COAH for approval of same.    For the sake of simplicity, we are only asking for the costs associated with the “3rd round” regulations, adopted in 2008.  If you recall, the League filed a legal challenge of these regulations, which is pending in the Appellate Division.  We ask that you forward this correspondence to an appropriate person, and return to the attention of Mike Cerra by fax at 609-695-0151.     The results can also be sent in an email to

Thank you,
Very truly yours,

William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director

Survey copy in WORD and PDF

Municipality Name:                                                    County:

I.          COAH Status:            (check all that apply):

______ a) Third Round petition approved--- 3rd Round Substantive Certification

______ b) Third Round Petition Pending

_______c) under jurisdiction of the Court

______  d) 1st and 2nd Round Certified

_______ e) never participated in COAH

II         COSTS
If your municipality filed a COAH 3rd round petition, which is either pending or has been certified by COAH, can you provide an estimate the costs of developing that application.   You can either provide a breakdown by category or an aggregate number.

Consulting Costs for Plan: _____________________

            Legal Costs:    ________________________

            Other Administrative Costs:  ______________________________

            Cost of Monitoring: ______________________

            Total: _______________________________


Name:              ____________________________________________________

Phone/email:    _____________________________________________________




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