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NJLM Transportation Survey

Constitutional Issues Involving Holiday Displays
During the holiday season a number of questions arise as to the constitutionality of holiday displays. I have asked our staff attorney, Edward Purcell Esq. to provide me with an overview of the law.

Weekly Policy Update
COAH deadlocks and does not advance proposed regulations; S-316 (Increases flexibility and available tools for municipal consolidation); S-264 creates expansive presumption of workers’ compensability for first responders

Local Public Contracts Law Series No. 1 - A Primer on Public Bidding
This first installment of the League’s new Local Public Contract Law series will give municipal officials the basics of public bidding.

Important Conference Sessions: Environmental Protection, Project Funding and Energy Issues
This highlight letter is meant to help you prepare to make the most of your time at our 99th Annual Conference. In the most densely populated State in the Nation, Environmental Protection is absolutely imperative. The Garden State is a national leader in Going Green.

Concerns with Potential Recommendations of Pension and Benefit Study Commission
Based on our review of the Governor’s Pension and Benefit Study Commission’s September 25 status report, “Truth and Consequences,” it appears that no consideration has yet been given to the strength of local PERS and PFRS, compared to the State’s system status. Sample Resolution

Draft Resolution on Transportation Infrastructure Funding Available
As indicated in previous correspondence, the future of the State’s Transportation Trust Fund is in doubt... State-provided assistance through NJ DOT’s Local Aid program is vital for local governments to fund necessary improvements and to relieve the property tax burden for residents.



Suzanne Walters

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