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September 2011 Featured Article


Securing and Managing your DUNS and CCR Numbers

Triad Associates


Once you have them, they are yours to use; but they take some time to obtain and they have to be updated annually.  So, if you are working on a grant application that requires these identifiers and you have a very short window in which to assemble and submit it, you’re in trouble!


Typically, it takes between seven and 14 days to move through the process of obtaining these designations.  It is important that an appropriate individual in your organization is designated as the administrator of this process, because once you have the numbers in place a lot of bank, financial and other information gets attached to them.  Someone with the authority to have access to this type of confidential information would be an appropriate administrator.


This process is becoming a more and more important and essential component of many grant applications.  Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) changed its application process to require that all applying organizations have their DUNS and CCR numbers in advance of application submittal.  Previously, USDA was willing to allow the applicant to obtain these certifications after an application was submitted.  In addition, non-profit organizations must now have these numbers in order to apply for a number of grants.  For example, the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG) is requiring DUNS and CCR numbers from its applicants, and in many cases this means volunteer fire companies that may not be used to dealing in the bureaucratic world of acronyms and registration numbers.


So it should be obvious at this point that moving expeditiously to obtain these important registrations is critical to ensuring a smooth and efficient grant application process.  Talk to the Chief Financial Officer or Business Administrator of your organization to see if you already have these registrations.  If not or if there is uncertainty, give yourself plenty of time in advance of any grant submittal to either apply for the DUNS or CCR, or to clarify the organization’s current status.


Avoiding a last minute hang up can literally mean being able to submit the grant application on time.  Failing to meet your proper registration requirements will mean the grant application that you spent so much time working on will not be submitted; and that is certainly an outcome everyone wishes to avoid.


Published September 1, 2011


Triad Associates is currently the League’s Grant Consulting Firm. Their firm, which is known for its expertise in community and economic development, including strategic planning, redevelopment, acquisition, relocation and funding, has brought diverse plans and projects to life by generating more than $580,000,000 for over 120 public, private and nonprofit clients throughout the Northeast region since 1978. Every member of the Triad team is personally committed and dedicated to the success of its clients and the projects that benefit communities. 


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