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Exhibitor FAQ 

Who exhibits?
Exhibitors are companies that provide products and services used by New Jersey’s local governments.  Some industries represented are:  Housing, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Telecommunications, Document Management, Heavy Equipment, Office Products, Recreation,  IT, Environmental, Technology, Banking, Emergency products, Insurance, Healthcare, Security, Energy, Recycling, Storm Water, etc..  For a complete list of past exhibitors see our web page at:

Who attends?
The Annual Conference is attended by New Jersey local elected and appointed officials, governing body members, purchasing agents, professional administrators, department heads and numerous other public sector officials.  The attendees represent a vertical “slice” of government; a unique opportunity to meet numerous officials involved in the decision making process.
The conference is not a public or consumer show.  It is an education and business event for government officials.

What are the exhibit hours?
Monday, November 16th: 8:00am – 5:00pm SET-UP
Tuesday, November 17th: 9:00am – 5:00pm EXHIBIT HOURS
Wednesday, November 18th: 8:30am – 5:00pm EXHIBIT HOURS
Thursday, November 19th: 8:30am – 1:00pm EXHIBIT HOURS
Thursday, November 19th: 1:00pm – 8:00pm BREAK DOWN

Please click on one of the following categories to view an in-depth list of questions.
Booth Assignments
Interactive Floor Plan
Hotel Reservations
Badges/Staff Registration
Ordering furnishings/utilities/services
Parking/Public Transportation/Directions/Maps
Onsite Printed Program Guide
Conference Week Conduct


How do I sign up for an exhibit booth? 
Complete the Exhibit Space Contract and mail with a check to: 
NJ League of Municipalities  Attn: Exhibits   222 West State St   Trenton, NJ 08608
Exhibit renewal brochures will be sent to 2014 exhibitors around March 1st.
New exhibitors will be mailed their brochures in mid-late March.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list please send your contact information to Kristin Lawrence, Exhibit Manager at or download here.

What is the deadline?
We continue to process contracts until all booths are sold.  If you are submitting your contract after September 3rd it must be accompanied by the full amount due.  The print deadline for the program is October 2nd.  For a full list of deadlines please refer to the How To Exhibit Time Line (included in the brochure).

Do you accept credit cards?
We do not accept credit cards. All booth payments must be made by check – payable to NJ League of Municipalities.

Do I need to pay the full amount or the deposit amount?
The deposit amount (50% of the booth fee) will be accepted with your contract until September 3rd; after this date all contacts must be sent with the full amount due for the booth space.

Do I get a discount for buying multiple booths?
We do not offer a discounted rate for multiple booths.

Are all the booths the same price?
Yes. Every booth (including corners and “Heavy Equipment” space) is $1,500 before June 12th or $1,600.00 after June 12th. If you are a non-profit or state agency please contact Michael Darcy extension 116 or Kristin Lawrence extension 125.

What comes with my booth?
Each booth has the following:

  • Back (8’h) and side rails (3’h) with drapes
  • 7”x44” booth sign with exhibit name and booth number
  • Use of the exhibitor lock-up room (for securing small valuables overnight)
  • Listing in the Exhibitors Program and on our website (
  • Registrations for 6 booth personnel (for each 10x10 space) and their spouses
  • Pre and post conference mailing lists of paid delegates

Can I fax or e-mail my contract?
You may, but we can not act on your contract until your payment arrives. Please contact Kristin Lawrence (609-695-3481 x125) if your payment will be sent under separate cover.

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Booth Assignments

When are booths assigned?
The booth assignment process begins around the beginning of May. The previous year’s exhibitors are given priority. Afterwards, all booths are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If booths aren’t assigned until May should I just wait to send in my contract so I know what is “open”?
No, don’t wait! Since booths are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis you will limit your options by waiting to send in your contract. The earlier we have your contract the more options you have. If you are concerned about what booth you will be assigned we can contact you to discuss your choices when your contract comes up for processing, after we receive your paperwork.

How do I request a specific booth?
Specific booth numbers can be noted on the Exhibit Space Contract in the “Booth Selection” section. Please list (in order of preference) your first four choices. If none of the choices are available we will assign the next best booth. Many exhibitors note areas of the hall rather than specific booth preferences.

What exhibits display in the “Heavy Equipment” section? 
The four shaded areas on the floor plan labeled “Heavy Equipment” are reserved for exhibitors to display oversized or power equipment.  Any product that contains a gas tank or is battery powered (ie. lawn mowers, dump trucks, lifts, power washers, vehicles, etc.) will be assigned a booth in one of these sections.  Occasionally, commercial exhibitors that are in the “Heavy Equipment” industry but are not displaying equipment will be located within these sections.

What if the booth I want is already assigned to another exhibitor?
Unless it is specified for us to contact you prior to making an assignment we will assign the best booth available. If you would like to be contacted prior to us assigning your company a booth please make a note on the Exhibit Space Contract.

How do I request an assignment near another company?
If you and another company would like to be assigned side-by-side please make all efforts to have both contracts submitted around the same time. In addition, each contract should include a note referencing the desire to be located near each other.

What if I want to expand from last year but stay in the same location?
Include a note on the Exhibit Space Contract and we will do our best to meet these requests. If the booth adjacent to the one requested is not available we may contact you to discuss alternate locations.

I am an exhibitor from last year. How do I request another location?
If you do not want the same booth you had last year you should send in your contract as soon as possible. After April 1st all unclaimed booths will begin to be assigned. Simply note your choices on the Exhibit Space Contract and we will do our best to satisfy your request.

What if I received my confirmation and am not happy with my assignment?
Please review your confirmation carefully and contact us immediately so we can work with you to address your concern. Contact Michael Darcy x116 or Kristin Lawrence x125.

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What should I do if I need to cancel my booth?
Please contact Michael Darcy or Kristin Lawrence. A booth will not be deemed cancelled until you receive written confirmation (e-mail/fax/letter) from the League.

Can I receive a refund?
Please refer to section 15 of the Space Agreement: Rules and Instructions regarding the League cancellation policy

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Interactive Floor Plan

The interactive floor plan will be posted on our website around June 1st. It will include the company name, booth number, program index and description.

I sent in my contract but I am not listed on the floor plan. Why not?
The interactive floor plan is not updated daily. If you are not listed after you receive your booth confirmation you will be included with the next update.

Can I choose my booth from the interactive floor plan?
The floor plan posted on line is for reference only and does not assure availability of specific booths. Booth availability will be determined when your paperwork is received in the League office.

Can I sponsor the interactive floor plan and have my logo included?
This option is made available to Platinum Corporate Supporters and then opened to all exhibiting companies. Sponsorship forms will be mailed to all confirmed exhibitors in early Summer. Please contact Kristin Lawrence x125 in regards to availability.

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Hotel Reservations

Are there special conference rates for hotels?
The League has contracted with the hotels to provide special rates and room blocks for Conference exhibitors and attendees. The rates provided are not guaranteed to be the lowest available.

How do I make a reservation?
Housing forms will be mailed with the confirmation packages; beginning June 1st. If your contract is sent after June 1st you should expect your confirmation package 3-5 days after the League receives your exhibit contract.
The housing form can be mailed or faxed; or reservations can be made online.

How do I know what hotels have availability?
Every attempt will be made to reserve room(s) in one of your preferred hotels. If one of your listed hotel options is not available, the Housing service will make comparable reservations at another property and send you an acknowledgement. Carefully review the confirmation in case you wish to modify the reservation.
You many also make reservations online to review up-to-date availability.

How are the reservations made?
The League has a certain number of rooms reserved at each hotel (a housing block). Your hotel request is coordinated by a housing services provider (AC Central Reservations) who manages this city-wide room inventory. The only way to reserve a room within this block is to use the housing form or reserve online at The hotels do not handle these reservations.

Why can’t I call the hotel directly?
Since housing block reservations are handled by AC Central Reservations the hotels do not have access to the inventory. If you contact the hotel and tell them you are attending the League conference they will refer you to use the forms or make your reservations online through AC Central.

Why doesn’t the hotel have any record of my reservation?
All room reservations scheduled within the League housing block are handled by AC Central Reservations. The hotels do not upload data with the list of names and details until a few days before the scheduled check-in date.

When is the deadline?
All reservations must be made by October 9, 2015.  Please contact Kristin Lawrence or Michael Darcy if you require hotel rooms after this date.

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Badges/Staff Registration 

How do I register my staff?
Exhibitor staff may be registered using only the following methods:
- On Line registration site (details are mailed to your main contact in September)
- On site at the Conference, beginning Monday, November 16th (set-up day)
Phone, fax and email options are not available for staff registration.

How many badges do I get with my booth? 
Each exhibit is allotted six (6) complimentary staff badges and spouse badges with each 10’x10’ booth space reserved.

Is there a cost for additional badges over our allotment?
Additional badges are $60.00 each. These badges may be ordered via the paper form (before the deadline) or onsite at the Exhibitor Registration desk. Paid staff registration is not available via the on line registration.

Can I use spouse badges for additional staff?
No. Spouse badges are provided as a courtesy to exhibitors that have their spouses/partners attend. These badges say "SPOUSE" and do not contain the company name.  They should not be substituted for an exhibitor badge.

Can I use my Exhibitor badge to enter a session?
Exhibitor badges may be used for the sessions but there is to be absolutely no soliciting. These sessions are educational and are not to be used as an avenue to distribute literature or do any marketing.

How do I make badge changes?
Follow the instructions given in the confirmation to make badge changes.

How do I add/change a staff registration after the deadline?
After the deadline all changes, additions, deletions, corrections, etc. must be done onsite. Exhibitor Registration opens at 12:00 noon on Monday (set-up day). Any member of your staff may take the incorrect badges to the counter and have them corrected or reissued in another name. There is no fee for this.

What should I do if I haven’t received my badges yet and it’s after November 1st?
If your registrations were submitted before the deadline and you have not received your badges please contact Kristin Lawrence (609) 695-3481 x125.

I received some of my badges but not all of them. What do I do?
If you did not register all of your staff at the same time the badges may be sent in different shipments. Please wait 3 days before calling to see if the additional shipment(s) arrive. 

Can we swap badges between our staff?
Yes. If a staff member will not be attending for the duration of the conference they may give their badge to another staff member. Simply take the badge to the Exhibitor Registration counter and they will reprint the badge with the replacement name. You must have the badge with you to avoid being charged.

What if I’m registered and lose my badge?
If you are already registered and misplace your badge please go to the Exhibitor Registration counter onsite and they will reprint your badge. There is no fee for this.

Where do I get the holder?
Badge holders will be available onsite at the Exhibitor Registration counters. They will not be mailed with the badges.

Where do I find the login and password to access the registration website?
This information is included on the instruction sheet mailed to your main contact in early September. If you do not have this please contact Kristin Lawrence at  

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Ordering furnishings/utilities/services 

How do I order tables, chairs, etc.?
Instructions to download the Vista Convention Service Kit will be sent to your main contact in mid-September. The kit will also be available for download on our website.

What comes with my booth?
Booth space is set with 8’ high blue back drape, 3’ high white side drape and a sign with the company name and booth number. Items such as electricity, carpet, furniture, waste baskets etc. are to be ordered separately using the forms in the service kit.

Can I bring my own furnishings?
Yes. You may bring your own tables, chairs, carpet, etc.

What is the deadline for advance service orders?
The advance order deadlines are noted on each form. Services may be ordered after this date for a higher charge. They can also be ordered on set-up day and throughout the conference week.

Do I have to contact catering or can I bring my own refreshments?
Ovations is the official food service provider and must be contacted regarding any catering or refreshment issues. They have jurisdiction throughout the Convention Center.

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I have a simple and small display. Can I set-up on Tuesday morning?
No. Set-up must be completed on Monday, November 16th. Any booths unoccupied by 5pm on Monday will be assigned to companies on stand by. In this case, no refunds will be made.

Can I carry my own materials into the exhibit hall?
Yes. Please refer to the “Exhibitor Rights” page in the Vista Convention Service Kit for further details.

Can I set up my own booth?
Yes; with the following conditions regarding 10’x10’, 10’x20’ & 20’x20’ island booths: 1) The installation can be accomplished by your full time company employees; 2) Set up and handle their own product; including but not limited to the installation, interconnection, calibration, and operation of equipment.

As a Heavy Equipment exhibitor can I set up earlier than Monday?
Yes. Please contact Michael Darcy for details on setting up earlier than Monday.

Where do I park to unload my materials?
You may park in the underground garage (for small hand carried items) or at the loading dock.
For the loading dock, proceed to the rear of the Convention Center on Bacharach Boulevard and staff will direct you. Do NOT park in the front of the Convention Center to unload materials. Your car will be ticketed/towed by the police. Further details are provided in the October 31st memo.

Will there be someone available to help me?
If you need help with your materials please contact Vista Convention Services. There is a charge for all assistance by the various service providers.

What if I go to my booth and the furnishings I ordered are not there?
Vista Convention Services distributes furnishings throughout the set up day on Monday. You may inquire at the Service Desk (the rear of the 1400 aisle) and they will assist you.

How do I find a missing crate?
The service desk in the rear of the 1400 aisle will be able to assist you locate any missing crates or materials.

If I forget to order something can I order it during set-up?
Yes. All service providers will be available onsite.

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Can I leave earlier than 1pm on Thursday?
No. As per the signed Space Contract all exhibitors must remain fully assembled until 1pm on Thursday, November 19th. Early packing or breakdown is not permitted. This is also a safety issue since there are still attendees in the hall. The League takes this safety issue very seriously and removes violators from future conference invitations.

What do I do if I have an emergency and have to leave?
Leave your booth as is and contact Vista Convention Services to disassemble and pack your booth for shipment back to your home office. Under no circumstances should an exhibitor pack their booth before leaving for an emergency.

Why are there exhibit hours on Thursday?
Attendees and exhibitors alike have expressed the value in the exhibit hours on Thursday. Many attendees visit the exhibits on Thursday when they know it will be a little less crowded and they can spend quality time with the exhibitors.

Is there anyone available to help me disassemble my booth?
Yes. Please contact Vista Convention Services (609-485-2421) for these services. You may arrange this prior to the conference or during the conference week.

How do I arrange for shipment back to my office/warehouse?
Vista Convention Services can assist you with the forms and scheduling for the shipments. Please contact them prior to the conference or visit them at the Service Desk (rear of the 1400 aisle) during the conference.

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Can I do a raffle drawing and/or give away prizes?
Yes, you can conduct drawings however because the conference attendees are government officials you must be aware of legal limitations and additional limitations imposed by the Annual League Conference.
Refer to Section 12 of the Rules and Instructions section of the Space Contract.
12. PRIZES & HOSPITALITY EVENTS: No prizes consisting of cash or a cash equivalent (specifically including casino tokens) shall be offered by an Exhibitor at the League’s Annual Conference.  Local Government Officers are subject to the provisions of the N.J.S.A. 2C:27-10 and 2C:27-11, which regulates the ethical conduct of public officials and those they deal with.  Exhibitors are strongly cautioned against giving any public official gifts, prizes or benefits valued at more than $20.00 each.  This includes items you may distribute at your exhibit, booth, meals, event tickets and any other things of value.  Consult your own legal counsel if you have any questions.

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Parking/Public Transportation/Directions/Maps 

Public Transportation and Directions:

Where can I park during the week? 
Maps and instructions will be included in the October 31st memo. This document contains important information and will help you navigate the conference more successfully.

Is there a shuttle bus?
There will be a shuttle bus service available for exhibitors and attendees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the conference week. The schedule will be posted on our website and will also be included in the October 31st Memo. All the hotels listed on the Housing Form will have pick-up/drop off locations available.

For further information about Atlantic City:
Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority:
Atlantic City Convention Center:

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Does the League offer sponsorship opportunities during the conference?
The following are a few of the sponsorships offered at the League Conference:
Vendor Solution Session – Present a 50-minute session on an area of your expertise
Floor Plan Sponsorship – Logo placement in the printed program floor plan and online interactive floor  plan (limited to 3)
Water Station Sponsorship – Company listing on six water cooler stations throughout hall (limited to 10)
Exhibit Program Guide Advertisement – 2nd, 3rd and 4th cover full page ads available
Watch for the forms in early Summer with other new exciting opportunities!
All opportunities are available exclusively to confirmed exhibitors, limited, and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. The form will also be posted on the website in mid-July.

Does the League have other avenues to let municipal officials know about our company?
Yes.  In addition to being an exhibitor, you may want to advertise in our magazine, New Jersey Municipalities, or become a League Supporter.  Exhibitors also have access to a conference registrant mailing list starting in October with updates through December 1.

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Printed Exhibitors Program

Can I advertise in the onsite printed Exhibitors Program?
Yes. Please contact Michael Darcy for details: (609) 695-3481 x116 or

Why can’t I have more than one category listing?
Due to printing constraints we can only accommodate one category listing per exhibitor. If you sell more than one product/service you may include that information in the description part of your listing.

What is the deadline to be included in the printed program?
All contracts received on or before October 2nd will have an entry in the printed program. After this date we can not guarantee inclusion in the program.

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Conference Week Conduct

As an exhibitor, can I host a hospitality functions?
Exhibitors are permitted to host hospitality functions as long as they adhere to the requirements set forth in the Space Contract. “We agree not to schedule any hospitality, social, or business function which competes with League Conference sessions. Therefore, no events may be held between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. “Early Bird” breakfasts must be concluded by 8:30 a.m., so that attending officials can arrive at their meetings by 9:00 a.m.”

Can I sell my product “over the counter” during the conference?
Section 6 of the “Rules and Instructions” of the Space Contract states:
Cash, over-the-counter sales, and/or soliciting cash donations on the exhibit floor are not permitted.”

Do I need to provide an Insurance certificate?
Yes.  Exhibitors are required to carry comprehensive insurance covering property damage, and public liability with minimum limits of $20,000 and $30,000 for the property damage, and $50,000 and $100,000 for public liability. Please refer to the Space Agreement: Rules and Instructions Section 10 for the specific details.

Are non-exhibiting companies permitted to attend and distribute literature?
No. If your company is interested in doing business with local governments the best way to gain exposure is by exhibiting. In addition to being located in the exhibit hall you are also listed in the onsite program guide and on our website. Often times, Municipal officials contact the League throughout the year for a list of exhibitors to contact in regards to a service/product they desire.

What should I, as an exhibitor, do if I see another company “suitcasing” at the conference?
This behavior will not be tolerated. If you see a non-exhibiting company conducting business in the exhibit hall or anywhere in the convention center please contact a League staff member.

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