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95th Annual Conference
Presentations and Handouts

Topic -  Handouts

Presentation By

Judith Auer Shaw, PhD., PP/ACIP
Justin Heyman
Michael Esolda, John Hitchcock, Bernadette Kucharczuk, Tod Costello
Dr. Raphael Caprio, Dr. Richard Novak,
Alan Zalkind
Carl P. Rathjen
Martin E. Robbins
Trishka Waterbury
Sustainable Jersey Presentations
      Building Capacity to Advance Your Sustainability Agenda

Ennis Carter, Founder and Director, Design for Social Impact

    Sustainable Jersey 2011 Program Updates - How Is Sustainable Jersey Doing And What Is New For 2011?
    Success Stories from the Front Lines - Case Studies from Leading Green Municipalities

Sustainability Champions - Small - Pat Skelly, Bordentown

    Pioneering Projects - Reports from the 2009/2010 Winners
     Healthy Communities and Local Food
     How to Fund Your Sustainable Agenda

     Legislative and Statewide Policy Update

Christopher J. Cotter
Craig Reiner
Marianne Smith
Catherine Starghill
John Miller, Judith Auer Shaw, Cleighton Smith
Beth McManus
Michael Esolda, John Hitchcock, Bernadette Kucharczuk, Todd Costello
John M. Carbone
Kenneth Gabbert, Ph.D
Sgt. James Harris

Gary Poedubicky

David J. Martin
Robert N. Nyman
Based Organizations working with Office of Emergency Management in your Community
Scott Pruiksma
Scott Pruiksma

Maria (Charo) Juega



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