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Legislative Staff

The League's legislative staff are constantly working for the League's membership by monitoring Legislative Committee meetings, reviewing lists of bills and staying current on local news to better understand the needs of League member municipalities. Staff provides the League's Legislative Committee with a background on proposed legislation at routine meetings to develop the League's positions on bills.

  1. Treasurer to Testify. ETR Uncertainty Persists

    State Treasurer Maher Muoio to testify on revised State revenue estimates, basis for the next budget, before the Assembly Appropriations & Senate Budget & Appropriations Committees. Tell State Legislators your concerns about ETR revisions. Read on...
  2. SCOTUS Decision Opens Sports Wagering Door

    The Supreme Court overturned the lower court's decision in Murphy v. NCAA, finding that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) violates the U.S. Constitution, and effectively allowing states to permit/regulate sports wagering. Read on...
  3. Liquor Bill Makes Its First Round

    The Assembly Regulatory Oversight Committee has approved A-3494, which would permit municipalities to create new liquor licenses for restaurants meeting certain criteria. Read on...
  4. Volunteer Clarification Bill Advances

    Senate State Government Committee passed A-1627/S-1873, permitting those with pre-existing volunteer relationships as firefighter, first aid worker, rescue squad worker, or EMT with their employer to retire from PERS/PFRS service & still volunteer. Read on...
  5. Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act Signed

    Gov. Murphy signed A-3686, the “Workplace Democracy Act.” Effective immediately, the law imposes requirements on public employers so public unions can carry out their statutory duties with access to/ability to communicate with public employee members. Read on...
  6. Clarifications of Animal Cruelty Enforcement Law

    In January, former Governor Christie approved a law eliminating the enforcement authority of the NJSPCA & implementing a joint municipal-county system. Review the statute & consult your municipal attorney to confirm your municipality's responsibilities. Read on...
  7. S-5 Gets Conditional Veto

    Governor Phil Murphy conditionally vetoed legislation (S-5) that would transfer control of the Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) from the State Department of Treasury to an independent board. Read on...
  8. ETR Budget Proposal & History's Hard Lessons

    In a recent meeting with the State Treasurer, League President Mayor Jim Cassella of East Rutherford voiced our concerns with Gov. Murphy’s budget proposal to would zero-out the ETR , currently funded through taxes levied on energy supplying utilities. Read on...
  9. League Statement on S-5 Conditional Veto

    NJLM has released a statement on Governor Phil Murphy's conditional veto of legislation (S-5) that would transfer control of the Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) from the State Department of Treasury to an independent board. Read on...
  10. Charitable Trust Legislation Signed

    Governor Murphy signed S-1893, which permits municipalities, counties, or school districts to establish one or more charitable funds, each for specific public purposes; and permits property tax credits in association with certain donations. Read on...
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